Lose Pounds While Doing Chores
by Joey Dweck
The key to losing weight while doing everyday chores is to infuse your routine with
vigor. Instead of slowly going through your task list, do it quickly. Being a busybody
truly does have more benefit when it comes to weight loss than being a simpleton.

Here is a list of some common chores with some ways to infuse them with that
added kick that can help you burn 100-300 extra calories per hour:


Laundry baskets are heavy and require much lifting. The next time you take your
laundry to your laundry room, lift the basket up and down as you walk. Lifting the
basket will help to build your muscles and burn a handful of extra categories.

When you put laundry in the washer or drying, extend your legs as you bend.
Extending your legs will help you get a helpful stretch in them, which will increase your
flexibility and muscle tone.

Finally, when folding clothes or ironing, avoid simply sitting while you go through the
task. Stand, bend your legs at the knees and do squats. Doing squats during these
small intervals will help to build and tone your thigh muscles, which will, in turn, help to
burn more calories on a regular basis.

Mowing the Lawn

If you mow the lawn regularly, you know that a certain degree of muscle strength is
required in order to push the mower across the lawn. First, avoid using a riding lawn
mower, even if you have a large lawn to cover. Use your push mower as if it were a
stack of weights. Pushing from your chest, use your arms to push it across the lawn
rather than your body. You will be tempted to simply use your body weight to push
the equipment forward, but by pushing with your arms, you will build your triceps and


Dusting is a relatively low-impact and exertion house chore. However, you will see
benefit if you dust quickly. By speeding through your routine, you will notice that you
are actually exhausted, if not out of breath, by the time you are finished. Do not
scrimp on the corners, however, simply because you are dusting quickly. With the
extra few minutes you save by speeding through your routine, do a few squats, push-
ups or stretches. You will be amazed by what you can accomplish quickly.

Car Washing

Washing your car helps you burn a huge amount of calories. The next time your
vehicle needs a bath, avoid taking it to the local car wash. Instead, vigorously scrub it
down using soap and sponges. The activity will help you build muscle and will get you
in action. Any action more than sitting will help you increase the number of calories
your body consumes.

About The Author

Joey Dweck is the Founder & CEO of a community
committed to 24/7 support, expert advice, and helping people find a buddy(s) who
will support their effort to lose weight, and live a healthier lifestyle. And it's all Free.
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One of the quickest and most
effective ways to lose weight and
sustain weight loss is to increase
the energy that you put into your
regular chores. Believe it or not,
you lose a significant number of
calories through your daily
activities, as long as your
activities are not just sitting at
your desk or watching television.
In one hour of housework, you
can actually burn as many
calories as you would during one
hour of walking or leisurely riding
a bicycle.
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