Make Your Body Resistant to Flu, H1N1 and Other Infections
by Michael Teplitsky
Flu vaccine is a medical myth. It is promoted as a way to prevent flu, but as every
doctor knows, it is not effective for children, young people, and healthy adults. The
only people that seem to benefit from flu vaccination are nursing home residents,
and even they have a very minor benefit.

As for the swine flu vaccine, nobody knows how effective it will be, but there are
already many reports that suggest that this vaccine can be dangerous to your health.

In 1976, the last year we had a swine flu epidemic, only one person actually died
from the swine flu and 25 died from the vaccine's side effects. The vaccine had to be
withdrawn from the market because hundreds of people developed a serious
neurological complication called Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

Don't count on anti-viral drugs

There are four antiviral drugs that are approved by FDA to treat flu. They are
Symmetrel (amantadine), Flumadine (rimantadine), Tamiflu (oseltamivir) and
Relenza (zanamivir). The last 2 are supposed to be the best.

A recent review published in the Lancet Infectious Diseases (September, 2009)
examined 26 scientific studies to see how well Tamiflu and Relenza fight the flu.

In a group of over 4,000 people, these drugs reduced the duration of the flu
symptoms by an average of half a day. Not exactly a major accomplishment.

The authors of the study conclude, "For controlling seasonal influenza in healthy
adults the use of antiviral drugs is unlikely to be the most appropriate course of

In other words, don't count on antiviral drugs to help you fight the flu.

What is the answer?

Your best hope is to have such a strong immune system that neither the regular flu
nor the swine flu will have any chance of infecting you. This is accomplished through a
good diet and special nutritional supplements.

Your body uses the materials that you provide to build cells, organs, and the immune
system. If you eat wholesome foods, full of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients,
your body will have plenty of good materials. But if you eat man-made processed
foods (white bread, pasta, white rice, cookies, pastry, cold cuts and other processed
meats, egg beaters, etc.), your body will not have the resources with which to build
strong immunity.

So the first step is to clean up your diet and get rid of unnatural "foods" that do not
grow on trees, but are made in a factory.

But even if you eat a good diet, there is still a chance that you might be missing
some important nutrients. That is why I take and recommend to my patients a
supplement called Catalyn from Standard Process.

It is not your usual multivitamin, because it is made from food. It contains 12 foods,
some of plant origin (carrot, wheat germ, nutritional yeast, etc.) and some of animal
origin (bovine liver, bovine spleen, etc.). All foods are selected because they contain
all known and unknown vitamins and trace minerals that your body needs for optimal

The foods are dehydrated using a patented technique that uses low heat, because
high heat can destroy some nutrients. It is sort of like turning grapes into raisins. A
raisin has all the nutrients of a grape, except for water.

All 12 foods are then mixed together and formed into pills. But since the pills are
really made from food, you can actually chew them. One bottle of Catalyn will last
you 2 months.

Look at the ingredients of the multivitamin you are using now. If the ingredients are
carrot, wheat germ, bovine liver, and other foods, this is a good product. But if the
ingredients are ascorbic acid, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, thiamine, and other
synthetic substances, your supplement is not food-based, but was made in a
laboratory. It is inferior because it does not provide all the vitamins and minerals that
are naturally present in food.

Other nutritional supplements

There are many supplements that can boost the immune system, but at the very
least I recommend these four: Cataplex C, Echinacea Premium, Immuplex and
Cataplex D.

Cataplex C is the natural form of vitamin C. You probably already know how
important vitamin C is for the immune system. What you may not know is that most
vitamin C supplements are not real, but synthetic. They are made in a laboratory
from petrochemicals or genetically modified corn syrup.

Cataplex C provides real vitamin C complex from a variety of food sources, which is
why I recommend it to build up your immunity.


Most people think that Echinacea is an herb that should be taken for a few days
when you get a cold or flu. This is wrong.

For best results, Echinacea should be used daily to support general immune
response, make your white cells stronger and improve production of interferon,
which fights viruses and activates white cells. But it has to be the right type of
Echinacea - angustopholia. And it has to be the right part - the root.

Most Echinacea supplement on the market today are made from Echinacea purpurea
flowers. This is the wrong plant and the wrong part.


This is a product that supports the tissues and organs of the immune system,
particularly the thymus gland, spleen, liver, bone marrow (where the white cells are
made), and the white cells themselves.

It is loaded with natural vitamins and minerals, plus the extracts of liver, thymus,
bone, and the spleen, which improve the same organs and glands in your body. This
type of treatment is called glandular and has been used by naturopathic physicians
for many centuries with great results.

Cataplex D

Natural vitamin D is made from many different substances, one of which is
cholecalciferol, also called vitamin D3. Cholecalciferol is not the whole vitamin D, only
a small part of it, just like ascorbic acid is only a small part of the vitamin C complex.

Many studies have shown that vitamin D complex is very important for normal
immune function. Some experts think that low vitamin D is the reason for the winter
epidemics of flu, colds, and other infections.

A good level of vitamin D is 50 ng/ml or more. Most people I see have levels well
below 30 or even below 20, even in the summer. This is only going to get worse in
the fall and the winter, because the sun is too weak to produce vitamin D.

Many people take supplements of vitamin D3, but as I said, it does not provide the
entire vitamin D. A better supplement is Cataplex D from Standard Process. It gives
you the whole vitamin D complex, not just one component.

Start your immune program now!

Do not wait until winter to start your immune-building program. The time to start is
right now. If you begin taking these supplements now, you will have enough time to
improve your immune system, so it will be ready for the flu when the season starts.

Do not become a flu victim. The predicted severe flu epidemic does not have to
affect you if your immune system is strong. And it is up to you to build up your
defenses, so you can fight off the regular flu and the swine flu. With a strong
immunity you will also be protected against the colds and other infections.

Be prepared for the coming flu epidemic by building up your immune system. A
strong immune system is the best protection from colds, flu, swine flu, and other
infections. To boost your immune system you need a good diet and several
important nutritional supplements.

For more common sense information on improving your immune system please click
on the link below.

About The Author

Michael Teplitsky, MD has been practicing alternative and holistic medicine for over 20
years. He has treated thousands of patients using nutrition and nutritional
supplements. His book Nutrition and Your Health explains complex and confusing
nutritional concepts in an easy to understand layman language. Please visit the
to get the book, a Free Report 7
Health Myths That Can Hurt You, health news, and other valuable information. For
more information about the flu, go to
The Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention (CDC) predict a terrible flu
season, affecting up to 40% of all
Americans and causing up to a few
hundred thousand deaths. What can
you do to protect yourself?

Don't count on the flu vaccine

The sad truth is that flu vaccines do
not work. That is why tens of
thousands of people become infected
every year, with over 30,000 dying
from complications despite
widespread vaccination.
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