Male Pattern Baldness - Symptoms, Causes and an Effective
Hair Regrowth Treatment  
by Emmie Williams
referred to as Androgens and particularly, Dihydrotestosterone or DHT for short. DHT
is a synthesis of the reaction between the 5-alpha Reductase enzyme and
Testosterone in the body. DHT attaches itself to hair follicles, starving them of
nutrients essential to usual hair growth. As the DHT affects the follicles they start to
create weaker, thinner hair until eventually they lose the capability to develop hair

As more and more hair follicles are affected by the Dihydrotestosterone, hair loss
starts to become noticeable along the hairline, which in the long run takes on the "M"
profile characteristic of DHT baldness. The hair on the crown increasingly starts to
thin, in time joining up with the hairline, forming a ring of hair around the sides of the
crown. Hair follicles on the sides and rear of the head have more resistance to DHT
so typically, hair will carry on growing there.

This pattern of hair loss is indicative of male pattern baldness and
Dihydrotestosterone reaction on the hair follicles. Other hair loss causes such as
Folliculitis create very different hair loss patterns and these conditions cannot be
mistaken for male pattern baldness.

DHT inhibitors have been the focus of many clinical studies and the results of these
studies have given new hope to thousands of male pattern baldness sufferers.
Several elements have been tested and some have demonstrated solid proof to hold
up their potency in combating the effects of DHT on male pattern baldness. So
strong is the proof in fact that the FDA have issued approval of a DHT inhibitor,
Minoxidil, as an effective component in topical hair regrowth treatments.

Nature has also given us her own DHT reducers. The Saw Palmetto berry for instance
includes nutrients well-known to be efficient against the spread of DHT. Saw Palmetto
berries are abundant in Fatty Acids and Phytosterols and are acknowledged to lower
the activity of the 5-alpha Reductase enzyme, which is the root cause of DHT
synthesis. The Fatty Acids in the berries also prevent existing DHT from binding with
hair follicles, further limiting hair loss.

Other plant extracts have also shown powerful effectiveness against the effects of
Dihydrotestosterone. These include Pumpkin Seed Oil and Nettle Root for instance.
When blended with Saw Palmetto, these plant extracts have demonstrated strong
effects against the 5-alpha Reductase enzyme and in due course against DHT hair

To be truly effective, a hair regrowth treatment should mix both sides of the hair loss
question, addressing the DHT and also the general physical condition of the follicles
and hair.

An valuable hair regrowth treatment would ideally include FDA approved ingredients
such as Minoxidil and time tested plant based extracts such as Saw Palmetto,
Pumpkin Seed Oil and Nettle Root to combat DHT hair loss. Ideally, other ingredients
such as Ginseng, Vitamins and Minerals would also be incorporated to feed and
strengthen hair follicles and general hair wellbeing.

About The Author

Emmie Williams

Fortunately for anybody showing the signs of male pattern baldness, medical science
has come up with an efficient
. Read on for more about this
remedy and how this can help you get back your
Male pattern baldness is a condition
shared by millions of men all-around
the globe and is the most common
cause for hair loss in adult men. Also
referred to by its technical name of
Androgenetic Alopecia, Male Pattern
Baldness or MPB is estimated to
affect approximately 80% of adult
men over the age of 45. A
consequence of genetics and
hormonal functions, male pattern
baldness is characterized by thinning
on the crown and a receding hairline.

Male pattern baldness is most
frequently due to male hormones
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