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    The Many Health Benefits of the Moringa Plant

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    As a Filipino, I love Moringa plant or commonly known as “Malunggay” in Filipino. Moringa has many health and useful benefits. It is well known in India as herbal plant and uses it as a medicine against various diseases. Moringa tree grows fast and can survive even in a drought and very hot weather conditions resulting in enough supply to a given place.

    Here in the Philippines, moringa leaves are popularly used as an ingredient to soups, pastas and most notably in Filipino famous dish – “Tinola” where chicken is the main ingredient. A study reveals that horseradish leaves helps increase lactation in nursing mothers and also helps increase sperm count in men. The plant is rich in vitamins A, C, iron, amino acids and other essential nutrients and minerals.

    Other study conducted states that moringa soup can help smooths skin and can also delay aging. It also boost energy, replenish body resistance and has many nutritional benefits. Moringa also has detoxifying effect that helps your body’s resistance and immune system stronger.

    Today, Philippine government has named “malunggay” as a potential source of biofuel. Below are some of the added benefits of malunggay.

    •Helps take out dizziness and headaches
    •Strengthen bones and muscles
    •Normalise hypertension
    •Stabilize blood sugar levels
    •Reduced inflammations and arthritis
    •Helps stops tumor formation
    •Helps improve ulcer condition

    Moringa is quite tasty even if its eaten in raw. It is a great addition to your dishes as it has too many vitamins and nutrients to benefit from. It is also used as a herbal food supplement to support our health needs.

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