Migraine Headache Remedy - 4 Natural Ways For Obtaining
Migraine Headache Relief  
by Josh G. Harding
utilized for over a hundred years as a way to stop migraine headaches and
alternative sorts of pain or symptoms. Frequently it takes just one chiropractic
adjustment to eliminate a headache, but with regular chiropractic adjustments it is
frequently possible to eliminate migraine attacks once and for all.

Chiropractors teach us that misalignments of the spine can irritate spinal nerves,
inflicting redness, muscle tightness, disorders such as headaches, and other related
health issues. Correcting or improving these vertebral misalignments can relieve neck
pain and headaches that are a direct result from the irritation to the nerves.

2.  Biofeedback therapy

Biofeedback is a migraine headache remedy that has given excellent results for a
large number of years. Bodily functions such as breathing, heart rate, skin
temperature, and blood pressure are autonomic functions of the body, which mean
your body manages and controls them routinely without any assistance from you.

Biofeedback is a training program that shows individuals how to control these
automatic body functions voluntarily. When somebody has learned these skills they
will be able to use these biofeedback strategies to cause relaxation of their muscle
tissue and thus reduce or eliminate a migraine or other discomfort caused by tension
and stress.

3. Uncover and eliminate food allergies

Specific foods can initiate migraine pain in some individuals and are called migraine
triggers or food triggers. Finding these triggers and eliminating them is achieved with
the assistance of a headache journal and is one more good migraine headache

The journal works by keeping track of when you breathe, eat, or drink anything. Any
food or chemical you eat or come into contact with need to be written down.
Furthermore, you have to make a note of each occasion you suffer with a migraine
headache. Over time it's possible to discover which types of foods or chemical
compounds are your triggers.

As soon as you have discovered a trigger it is a simple issue to eliminate it from your
diet or usage. With a bit of persistence headache sufferers can many times discover
and eliminate the reason for their migraine attacks by means of this tactic. Frequent
triggers are avocados, wheat, nuts, cheese, legumes, chocolate, caffeine, MSG, and

4. Ice bags

Placing an ice bag on the rear of the neck at the bottom of the skull is one more fine
migraine headache remedy. The goal is to decrease the blood flow and thereby the
amount of pressure in the head. A moist cloth should be placed between the skin and
the ice pack as a protective barrier to inhibit the skin from getting too cold. To
enhance the effect you can additionally place your feet in heated water or take a
heated bathtub. This can help move the blood far from the head, causing any
stabbing head pain to decrease.

About The Author

Joshua has cared for headache patients as a doctor of chiropractic for over 25 years.
He has developed a headache web site where you can find an effective and natural
that may work for you. Also, get beneficial information
about the causes and cures of
When it comes to finding an effective
migraine headache remedy there are
two main types. Migraine therapies
can either be intended to give you
instant relief from your symptoms or
designed to correct or improve a
health problem that will result in long
term relief. The following 4 effective
and natural treatment methods can
give both immediate and long lasting
relief and have proven to be
successful over time.

1.  Chiropractic care

Chiropractic treatment has been
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