Milk Thistle For Liver Cleansing
by Sandra Kim Leong
for Hepatitis patients. It alters the outer layers of your body cells and keeps toxins at
bay, and regenerates damaged cells by increasing ribosome activity; all while
cleansing your liver from free radicals. These properties make milk thistle effective in
the treatment of cirrhosis.

For liver cleansing, milk thistle is one of the best all natural products available. It
encourages the liver to cleanse itself while preventing incoming toxins by protecting
each cell within the liver. The protective feature allows the liver to concentrate on
releasing the existing toxins rather than warding off new intruders. These properties
strengthen the liver itself, allowing it to function optimally. It is a truly great herb.

But why should we do liver cleansing? There are various common symptoms that
plague many of us which can be simply cured by cleansing our livers. Bloating,
constipation, diarrhea, nausea, indigestion, unexplained belly fat, and bad breath can
all be attributed to an overworked liver. Also, if you drink alcohol regularly and are at
risk of damaging your liver, then milk thistle can help repair your liver.

In addition, a little known fact regarding the functions of the liver is its ability to help
you with you moods. If you are irritable, groggy or depressed and have mood swings
on a regular basis, it may well be due to excessive toxins that have entered the
bloodstream. A proper liver cleanse can properly stabilize your moods by preventing
excess toxins from escaping your liver.

Even if you are not currently experiencing the above symptoms in your daily life, a
liver cleanse is helpful for anyone under any sort of stress, which let's face it, is all of
us. Environmental pollutants, exposure to chemicals and drugs can all be toxic to our
bodies; so helping your liver to rejuvenate itself is always a good idea.

Milk thistle is effective for liver cleansing at anywhere from 500 to 2000mg per day.
You can buy this supplement in most herbal stores. While you may experience side
effects such as vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, and headaches, these symptoms
can generally be avoided if you take the supplement as directed. Of course, you
would need to drink plenty of water throughout your day to minimize any possible
side effects. Drinking lots of water does not negate the good that milk thistle can do,
in any case, but also aids in the flushing out of toxins.

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For liver cleansing on a regular basis,
you may wish to consider consuming
milk thistle as a herbal supplement.
Milk thistle is also known as silybum
marianum. Milk thistle has been found
to support liver function even for
those that have already been afflicted
by disease. It has preventative
medicinal qualities for not only the
liver, but also the bowels and gall

Milk thistle reduces enzyme levels,
and aids in the delivery of detoxifying
blood to your body. It also helps
keep inflammation low, making it key
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