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    Milk Thistle Liver Detox

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    Milk Thistle is an excellent herb and milk thistle liver detox has been one of the most commonly used methods to aid liver detoxification.

    What is Milk Thistle?

    This herb (also called Silybum Marinanum or Carduus Marianus) is actually part of the daisy family (the same family as Echinacea, dandelion, chamomile and artichoke).

    It is the queen of all the liver herbs and therefore has a huge detoxifying effect. Our modern day livers are really overloaded with bad diet, pesticides, herbicides, chemicals in the water we drink and in our homes and so milk thistle liver detox is excellent for helping with that. It is also very effective in stimulating bile production.

    It works to protect the liver by altering the structure of the outer membrane of the liver cells, preventing poisons from entering those cells and stimulates the regeneration of damaged cells. It also promotes the release of SOD (superoxide dismutase), a powerful antioxidant that appears to be specifically effective in scavenging the free radicals caused by alcohol in the liver – THIS MEANS IT IS ANTI AGING AS WELL!

    Milk Thistle is absorbed through your intestines, and the cycle it performs makes sure that it is mostly concentrated in the liver. It is great for helping to reverse damage caused by alcohol and is a fantastic antioxidant. It also helps clear the kidneys and can also help shrink an enlarged liver!

    It acts as a mild laxative so many people report weight loss as, often during a liver cleanse, people notice an increase in bile production through more bowel movements etc.

    This detox is great for those looking to conceive as often, over toxicity in the body can affect fertility.

    It’s energetic uses are fantastic and milk thistle is often used as a herb for anger, jealousy and envy as these emotions in naturopathy are linked to the liver/gallbladder. A detoxified body that feels more pure and light will refresh the mind and give you more strength and enthusiasm! The spirit of a this detox is optimism, recovery and ‘life enhancement’.


    You can use the seeds to make a tincture, powdered herb or decoction.

    Important Note: Milk Thistle will accelerate detox of the liver so any drugs or medicines will pass through the body quicker so please be aware if taking any antibiotics or prescription medicine etc this will not be helpful. Milk Thistle however is fine with the contraceptive pill

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