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    Miracle Maca

    Miracle Maca

    Peru, in South America, is where the Maca root is grown. There are several herbs grown in Peru that have beneficial effects when ingested, and the secret of the Maca root has been passed down for centuries by the Inca, for male enhancement. It has also been called “Peruvian Ginseng” because it, like Ginseng, can increase strength, stamina, energy, and sexual function. In Peru, this plant is popular enough that people have employment as ”Maca traders”. According to legend, Incan Warriors once ingested Maca root before going into battle to make them very strong. However, once in the city, they were no longer allowed to use Maca root so that they would not have urges to compromise the women they had conquered.

    Now, today, Maca is quite popular, as it has been proven for centuries to increase sexual stamina and libido. This red, radish-like root has been shown to raise the amount of sperm a male produces, the amount of seminal fluid output he has, and how mobile the sperm are. All of these factors figure into making him more fertile and increasing his sexual desire. This root is not only great for male enhancement, to increase the sex drive, and the duration, and as an aid in relieving menopause and andropause symptoms, it is also shown to greatly increase energy, and decrease depression. It is extremely high in nutritional benefits, because of its high potassium content and the fact that it contains more calcium than milk does.

    Although it is sometimes compared to erectile dysfunction (ED) prescription drugs, this root does not increase the blood flow to the body as Ed drugs do. It works on male enhancement and the libido by helping to balance out the hormones in the body. This balance will stop the mood swings, hot flashes, irritability, stress and depression that is so common during menopause and andropause. It also levels our estrogen, and helps relieve menstrual cramps as well.

    Maca is also being noticed by athletes everywhere because of its ability to boost your energy level, and stamina. It does this by restoring adrenaline levels. It is even possible that it helps with Fibromyalgia symptoms, and Thyroid issues. Night sweats, and vaginal dryness are treated by this root as well. In addition, the body’s Endocrine system is better nourished, and the new balance in hormones can help to clear acne and encourage healthy skin. Some possible side effects are: heartburn, upset stomach, headache and increased pulse. These side effects are very rare, and Maca is considered to be safe by most experts. As always you should be sure to talk to your doctor about any medicines, vitamins or herbs you are currently taking and any health issues you may have before trying Maca, or any other supplement.