Natural Acne Treatments For Healthier Skin: Part 1
by Gregory De Villiers

It is important to understand from the outset that each person is different and
therefore a remedy that works wonders for some people may fail completely on
others. You have to decide whether you want to try conventional medical acne
treatments or natural acne remedies. Chemical formulations and pharmaceutical
products can trigger allergic, toxic and other adverse reactions. Natural acne
treatments tend to be more gentle on the body, but results can be slower.

Natural Acne Treatment Guide

Nature's way to treat acne includes changing your diet, improving bowel function,
cleansing the internal body organs using herbal products and avoiding certain foods.
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Changing Your Diet

You need to stop eating foods that poison your insides. Two important elements to
eliminate from your daily meals are sugar and fats. Refined sugar should be stopped
altogether from entering your system. This means eliminating sugary drinks such as
sodas and certain fruit juices, sweets, candy and other sugary treats. Sugar is
however required as a quick source of energy for the body. There are suitable
substitutes in the form of nutritional supplements, some examples being 'Superfoods'
or 'Green Drinks'. These supplements increase the body's antioxidant levels which also
helps as a natural remedy for acne.

Among fats, hydrogenated oils should be cut completely out your diet. This means
avoiding cookies, cakes, desserts, snack crackers and all other sources of bad fats.
The best foodstuffs to replace these fats are the natural oils such as olive oil, cod liver
oil, and coconut oil as well as nuts and seeds.

Food Combinations

Eating the right combination of food items is an integral part of a natural acne
treatment regimen. Nutritionists suggest that you eat fruit by itself without mixing
them with other food types, and particularly not following a heavy meal. Vegetables
should be cooked or eaten either with oil or meat, but not combined with both in one
go. Salad is perfectly acceptable to be combined with all different kinds of vegetables.
Finally, starches (bread, pasta, potatoes etc.) should not be eaten together with

Other Harmful Food Substances

As part of the natural acne remedy, you must stop taking harmful ingredients for
example Monosodium glutamate or MSG (found in Chinese foods, processed meats
and tenderizers) and the neurotoxin Aspartame (used as an artificial sweetener in diet

Internal Body Cleansing

The chief focus of natural acne treatment is internal body cleansing. This functions
differently for different body organs such as kidneys and liver. Again, select a herbal
formula for cleansing each of these organs.

Bowel Movement

While the majority of people have their bowels emptied once every 24 hours, natural
bowel movement should be more often. In addition, a bowel emptying should take
place in 30 seconds. If it takes more than that, the digestion is slow, mainly because
of the presence of difficult-to-digest foodstuffs. The poisonous waste is therefore
staying dormant in the intestines for some time and this ultimately results in acne. The
best method to make your bowels work easily is to cease eating processed foods and
red meat, or reduce their intake. Alternatively, use any of the effective herbal
formulations available in the market. '4 Total Cleanse' is one such recognized herbal
formula for acne that works by improving bowel function.

Parasite Cleansing

The next stage in the natural acne treatment is cleansing your gut of parasites that
can precipitate infections and result in acne. Herbal treatments are available for
parasite cleansing and you can use them in combination with herbal formulations for
bowel movements.

Natural acne remedies work gradually and sometimes relatively slowly thus, do not
expect a miraculous recovery no matter what type of natural acne treatment you are
trying out. Follow the treatment as indicated and don’t pause midway because you
see some signs of improvement. At times you may need to use the treatment even
after your acne has totally improved. Don’t be taken in by myths and cure remedies
that have not first been approved by your medical doctor as you may further irritate
your skin disorder and cause even more damage than repair.

For more, effective natural acne remedies, see part 2 of this article.

About The Author

Gregory De Villiers writes on a variety of health and wellness topics. Visit
for more information on natural as well as
conventional acne treatments.
Natural Acne Treatment

Acne sufferers have most
probably studied, heard and read
of many miraculous cures, which
supposedly can cure your acne
overnight. It's a medical fact that
acne cannot be cured. Acne is a
skin disorder that a person must
grow out of. Don’t spend your
time and money on overnight
remedies. Instead, take a minute
and understand your own skin
disorder so you can discover the
right treatment for it.
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