Natural Cure For Liver Disease
by Eric Clemmer
your local health food store. Dandelion is extremely useful for the health of the liver
and related organs and glands. (Note that a poorly functioning liver will only bring
DOWN the function of other organs and glands). It has been used to successfully
treat liver disease, such as hepatitis and liver insufficiency.

If you only had one choice for picking a natural cure for liver disease it should be Milk
Thistle Seed Extract (...fortunately you have more than one choice, so why not use
all of them, it will only speed up your healing). There are a few reasons why Milk
Thistle Seed Extract (also referred to as "Mte") is beneficial to the liver and liver
regeneration. Firstly, it protects the liver from toxins. Toxins, like Alcohol (the
number one cause of Cirrhosis), compete against Mte for space on the cell
membrane of the liver...except they always lose against the much stronger Mte. If
your liver has Mte (milk thistle seed extract) all around itself, therefore preventing
harmful toxins from destroying the liver, then the liver actually has time to
regenerate. Also, Mte increase protein synthesis, which means that it speeds up the
regeneration of destroyed liver tissue.

Another huge benefit of Milk Thistle Seed Extract is its interference with the
enterohepatic circulation. Now, you might be wondering what the enterohepatic
circulation is? Toxins are constantly being cycled back in forth between the
gastrointestinal tract and the liver. Each time the toxins pass by the liver, the liver
gets damaged. However, Mte interrupts the first absorption of toxins and then it
helps prevent the re-absorption when the toxins are recycled. Cells that are not yet
poisoned are therefore protected and become sites for new liver cell growth. In time
a full restoration of the liver can be achieved.

I don't want to sound repetitive so all I'm going to say about Artichoke is that it has
the same healing properties as Milk Thistle. That being said I would use both Milk
Thistle Seed Extract and Artichoke extract to heal my liver (along with a regular
consumption of Dandelion extract). The human liver will regenerate itself, by using
the above mentioned natural healers we can restore our livers faster. Don't give in to
taking pharmaceutical drugs they cause way too much damage to the liver, even if
they are meant to heal your liver. Use natural cures and you will heal your liver
faster, safer, and cheaper.

There are many other ways to speed up the recovery of your liver. Things like
Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reflexology, Magnet Therapy, Essential Oils, Homeopathic
Medicine, Home Remedies, Healing Crystals, and other Healing Herbs can all be used
simultaneously to increase the restoration of the liver.

About The Author

Eric Clemmer

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One of the greatest abilities of the
Liver is that it can regenerate itself.
This should provide a great deal of
hope for anyone suffering from liver
disease. There are a few things that
you need to do in order to turn your
scarred liver into a brand new healthy
liver. Follow the steps below:

Start consuming Dandelion (that plant
that probably grows all around your
home). The leaves of the Dandelion
plant can be picked, washed, and
mixed in with your salads. But you
can also find Dandelion tinctures or
other forms of Dandelion extracts at
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