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    Natural Cures to Acne

    Natural Cures to Acne – Fast and Easy Elimination

    Acne is the most common skin disease found in all ages and ethnic groups. It is an inflammatory condition affecting our sebaceous glands and follicles of hair that are present on our face, neck, back, and shoulders. Many of us who have had acne know that it can cause a low self esteem and low confidence. While many of us have bought many over the counter treatments and drug prescriptions for a possible cure, others have had no success and struggle with the day to day fight of embarrassment from our facial flaws. There is hope for all of us who suffer with embarrassing acne. Instead of buying treatments that must be bought again and again, why not use a natural, permanent cure? The key to naturally curing the problem is finding out when and why the formation of acne exists. First try to find the origin of the problem to begin proper treatment.

    Why do I have acne?

    Most appearances of acne either come from awful eating habits, hormones, or constipation. While there may be other origins such as improper facial cleansing or allergy breakouts, these can easily be modified with proper facial care and selection of sensitive facial products. The major source of acne is chronic constipation. Many of us eat high contents of starches, sugar, and fatty foods. We don’t realize that the accumulation of these foods causes chronic constipation. For our bowels to move properly we must consume the proper amount of whole grains, fiber and drink high volumes of water. If for any reason we don’t consume these bulk forming foods and liquids, our bowels are not able to release the toxic matter from our bloodstream into our intestines for elimination. High toxicity levels in the bloodstream can cause several medical conditions, sometimes death. When your body is unable to eliminate the waste from your bowels, it then attempts elimination though you pores which result in acne. Awful eating habits and chronic constipation go hand in hand.

    Is there a natural treatment to acne?

    Indeed there is a natural cure to acne. Wasting hundreds of dollars annually on creams and ointments can be a waste when it is not curing the root of the problem. The administration of these substances only prevents acne for a short period of time. This is why after a week of not administering any substance on your pores, you break out. The root of the problem is your eating habits which in turn causes constipation.

    The constipation then leads to waste or toxins being released from your pores because of the inability to be released from your bowels. To begin, the person with acne should choose a cleansing program that will work for their lifestyle. Over the counter laxatives are not recommended, your entire colon needs cleansing. It is best to use natural remedies that can be found in local grocery stores. One such remedy that has been used by many is going a week or two only eating raw vegetables, raw fruits and water. There are several remedies out there to choose from.

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