Natural Products That Block DHT
by John MacNamara
After DHT has been eliminated from the scalp, hair follicles will then begin to grow
naturally again.

Both women and men have DHT hormones and can suffer from hair loss. Because
men have higher levels of testosterone in their body, hair loss is more common in
them than in women. There are many products available on the market today to
assist in blocking DHT. Natural DHT blockers are made up of natural ingredients that
have been researched for their hair loss halting properties. These ingredients stop the
enzyme that converts testosterone in DHT which then leads to lower levels found in
the body. Natural DHT blockers are not only effective but are also safe alternatives to
drug treatments.

Natural DHT blockers

Zinc is considered to be the best natural mineral DHT blocker and is available in
nature. There are many natural foods that are rich in zinc that can help to block DHT
naturally. Oysters, shellfish and wheat germ are just some of those foods and
provide a great source of zinc. Many nutritional supplements and vitamins contain

Saw Palmetto: This extract is very effective and acts in lowering the body's DHT by
blocking the 5 alpha-reductase and receptor sites found on cell membranes. Saw
palmetto berries and saw palmetto extract have shown promise for a variety of male
health issues, and have little or no side effects for most men.

Pygeum: Pygeum extract helps to reduces levels of DHT and the number of
androgen binding sites that DHT can attach to on the hair follicle. This natural plant
product extracted from a tree bark is well tolerated by most people.

Nettles: Stinging Nettle root blocks the 5-Alpha-Reductase enzyme that causes
testosterone to convert to DHT.

Pumpkin seed oil: Inhibits the chemical reaction that of testosterone that produces

Green tea: This type of tea is a powerful anti-oxidant that reduces DHT. Drinking this
tea may stop hair loss and encourage re-growth. Substances in green tea called
catechins are believed to be largely responsible for its myriad health benefits besides
its effect on hair.

All of these natural herbs and minerals have been studied for their effects on DHT.
They are largely free of side effects, and represent a good alternative to prescription
medications, particularly for men in the earlier stages of hair loss. For more
information about these natural DHT blocking herbs, visit

About The Author

John MacNamara was one of the lead researchers behind Procerin, the top selling
, and is currently a consultant to the nutritional supplement
industry. John is a former sufferer of male hair loss himself. In his spare time, John
enjoys hiking and competing in triathlons.
It has been accepted that the main
cause in 95% of hair loss cases is due
to DHT. DHT (Dihydrotestosterone),
a byproduct of Testosterone that
attacks hair follicles and prevents
growth of hair. The attacks made by
DHT are mainly on the follicles that
are located at the crown and
temples. Once DHT forms and bonds
to hair follicles, it becomes more
difficult for the follicles to continue
their normal growth cycle. Because
our bodies need Testosterone to stay
fit and healthy, one way to fight hair
loss is by blocking the enzyme that
transforms testosterone into DHT.
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