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    Natural Sea Salt Versus Table Salt

    Natural Sea Salt Versus Table Salt – the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

    If you have read other health articles that I’ve written you know that I am not a believer in Man messing with Mother Nature when it comes to the food we eat. In this article I want to address a common spice we all use on a daily basis. Salt!

    Salt as we know it is a pure white free flowing spice that we find essential to flavoring our daily foods. Usually one doesn’t even think about it much unless we have a medical condition where a doctor will tell us to decrease the amount of salt intake.

    Table salt is normally rock or ocean salt that is mined, heat blasted, chemically treated, and then anti-caking agents and iodine added to it. What you have left is table salt that is basically dead. It is now just dry sodium and chloride. Once again man is cheating us of one of Mother Nature’s most perfect foods. Processed salt is now devoid of all the essential minerals and macrobiotic nutrients that our bodies need to survive.

    Consider this, when you cry your tears are salty, and if you’ve cut yourself and tasted your blood, you know it is salty. The fluids in our bodies are like an ocean environment. Salt is essential for life and yet our bodies cannot make it so it must come from an outside source. Most often it comes from meat or regular table salt. The problem is that our bodies don’t really know what to do with processed salt. Years of processed salt intake can damage almost all areas of the body such as the heart, kidneys, muscles and bones and it is processed salt that bloats us and causes water retention. Processed salt can put a body out of balance. According to Dr Langre’s book, people that have an aversion to salt or tell you they dislike salt most likely have too much sodium chloride attached to their organs and tissues, are really telling you that they are sick and are in need of essential minerals.

    100% natural sea salt maintains its integrity. Quite frankly, natural, organic sea salt is completely unfooled around with and is still harvested the same way it was done 2000 years ago by French salt farmers. It is hand raked and left in the sun to dry. All of the trace and micro-nutrients are fully intact. The correct balance of sodium and chloride are present as well as calcium, magnesium, potassium and 90 other trace and micro-nutrients. These are charged minerals that retain a lot of moisture and are grey in color. If your sea salt from the health food store is white and free flowing then it is processed and should not be used.

    When natural sea salt is ingested, it immediately works with the saliva in the mouth (amalese in particular) and starts the digestive process. The more minerals present in the mouth the more digestion takes place. Digestion continues in the stomach. Natural organic sea salt has been known to lower blood pressure and decrease water retention. It enables the liver, kidneys and adrenals to work much more efficiently. It can boost the immune system. Natural sea salt has all the elements of the ocean and this means that the survival potential of a body is much greater than if you remove these vital elements.

    Do your body good and get natural grey sea salt. It won’t pour like table salt because of the moisture content, but the health benefits can be significant.

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