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    Nutrition Wonders – Omega 3 Flax Seed Oil

    It was widely believed in the scientific community that the ultimate source of Omega 3 was found in fish oils. However, in a recent studies and ongoing scientific research on the importance of these oils, contradictory finding have emerged. Omega 3 flax seed oil contains more than twice as much Omega 3 fatty acids than there is the fish oil products. As an added bonus of choosing Omega 3 flax seed oil over the traditional fish oil is that there is also no fishy aftertaste.

    Omega 3 flax seed oil is known to improve many bodily functions including helping the reproductive system, the nervous system, the circulatory system as well as the nervous system. It reaps many benefits to the consumer who chooses to play an active role in his/her health.

    Omega 3 flax seed oil is also attributed to be a contributor of alleviating a host of symptoms such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, skin problems, arthritis, menstruation issues, cardiovascular disease as well as increase energy in the body.

    The Human Body and Omega 3 Flax Seed Oil

    Our human bodies are not capable of producing these essential fatty acids, and the importance of this is that these essential fatty acids are the main structural component of cell membranes in our body. The only option we have to introduce and maintain these fatty acids is to add it to our diets. Omega 3 flax seed oil is a major source of these fatty acids that supports a vigorous inflammation reaction.

    Omega 3 flax seed oil is also a huge contributor to converting food into energy as well as being an antioxidant. By supplementing your diet with Omega 3 flax seed oil, you are effectively providing your body with defenses to combat toxins in our food.

    There are many suppliers out there that sell and manufacture Omega 3 flax seed oil. The flax seed that is collected by these suppliers sometimes come into contact with pesticides as well as fertilizers. It is of heavy importance that the Omega 3 flax seed oil that your purchase is harvested from unspoiled lands and with minimal airborne pollution. These add all sorts of impurities to the end product and therefore, may not provide you with the desired affects.

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