Olive Leaf For Flu - The Facts
by Laruen G. Lane
supplements and is made into fine brownish yellow powder.

Besides its major role, olive leaves are practically useful in preventing common cold
and flu {influenza}. Based upon research, we can assume that supplements of olive
leaf are advantageous in the treatment for ailment caused by virus, bacterium,
retrovirus or protozoan.

People who are prone to colds frequently, may benefit if they use olive leaf for a
long-term as a preventive agent. Olive leaf contains anti-viral compound and it helps
in blocking an entire virus-specific system in the infected body. This comes into light
that it contains benefits and healing affects that has been so far discovered by
pharmaceutical science. Furthermore, it contains power and potential compounds to
obstruct amino acid production for viruses.

Olive leaf extracts are nowadays available in markets in the form of tablets and
syrups which has amazing effects on common cold and flu. The herb boosts energy
levels within the human body to fight against such virus. Usually people prefer to
have a cup of tea or coffee to prevent cold or protect themselves from cold. Taking
this herbal medicine in the initial stage of cold or flu is very effective. Olive leaf
contains anti-fungal and anti-viral compounds that can expunge strains of flu and cold
and active in lessening the intensity of virus infection. Oleuropein and elenolic acids
are two compounds founds in this herb. Elenolic acid can protect and prevent your
body from getting cold easily.  

Elenolic and oleuropein can prevent the pathogens and can invigorate a person's
immune system. The pathogens are prevented from replicating and slow them in
spreading disease by the compounds present in the olive leaf resulting in protection
from flu or clod. During this entire process the immune system deters the virus and
prevent from spreading disease. Olive leaf extract has also been proved as an
effective antioxidant, antiseptic and antifungal properties.

Though the supplements are organic but it is advised to consult a physician or
pharmacist prior taking them. Side-effects of olive leaf extracts are not known as
they are made of organic products. Thus, you can even recommend it to children if
they get flu, cold or fall sick frequently.  

Olive oil for flu is not only used as an antibiotic for flu itself but also for a number of
other serious dead diseases like that of AIDS,Anthrax,Chicken pox, Bladder infection

The microbial agent of olive leaf extract for flu is Epstein-Barr virus for which it acts
as a resistant shield. This is a widely available product in the market.

About The Author

Laruen G. Lane

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Olive leaves are popular as victuals
and herbal medicines. It is mainly
cultivated in Mediterranean countries,
Chile, Peru, Europe and South
Australia. In ancient period, the
extracts of olive leaf were used to
cure various ailments. More recent
research has raised hope as it might
cure crucial diseases such as cancer,
gallbladder and flu patients.

The demand of olive leaf extracts is
growing. And with the increasing
demand, you should know about its
benefits prior taking it. The extracts
of these leaves are used in
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