Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Benefits
by Norah Kuch
medical journals and popular books) for its health benefits. I found articles and
studies, where this oil is praised for its ability to prevent diseases and strengthen
immunity system. I found articles with negative view on this subject, mainly criticizing
saturated fat content. Because this may interest some other people in similar
situation as mine, I will share what I found. Coconut oil has long and highly respected
reputation in many cultures, not only as valuable nutrition source, but also as an
effective medicine. As example, in India it is used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic
medicine, in South America people drink coconut oil to prevent sickness. In our
(Western) culture, this oil is used in hospitals to feed patients with digestive and
malnutrition problems (nutrient absorption in certain diseases). It is used in baby
formulas as well. People use it for weight loss, hypothyroidism, hair care, skin care,
stress relief, maintaining cholesterol levels, increase immunity, proper digestion, relief
from kidney problems, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, dental care,
bone strength, join problems and cancer. Coconut oil was used for cooking as well.
Some people call it a miracle oil. In Asia and Polynesia people call coconut palm " Tree
of life". Benefits of organic extra virgin coconut oil are attributed to its lauric, capric
and caprilic acids. Properties of organic extra virgin coconut oil are: antimicrobial,
antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, soothing, etc.

A little history: Before, in 1970s, oil from coconut and other tropical oils were used
for cooking, frying, baking and cosmetic industry. In 1980s coconut was proclaimed
as unhealthy, because it contains saturated fats and this was proclaimed as heart no
1 enemy (clogged arteries, heart attacks, atherosclerosis...). And I felt the same
way. But the type of saturated fat in this oil, as I learned, is not unhealthy, because it
is from plant source and not animal source. They are many good books about
coconut diet and coconut benefits. Reading these books and researching scientific
studies and journals I started changing my negative view on saturated fat in coconut
oil and coconut oil in principle. Authors of these books and studies explain how
coconut oil and other tropical oils were criticized by American Soy Association and
restaurants stopped using tropical oils in favor of soybean and other vegetable oils. I
let you get to the conclusion what happened. But particularly in baking, tropical oils
were replaced by hydrogenated vegetable oils, and as we know now, this is very
unhealthy for our body. Because I believe many body conditions are effect of our life
style, I started researching what would be the best and healthiest for me. I started
buying more organic and unprocessed foods, started cooking with coconut oil (the
best is organic extra virgin coconut oil). I know, it seems to be a trend, but I believe
it may influence how my body reacts to outside enemies, including stress. I realize,
that nutrition is huge business, and I stopped believing in everything what mass
media bring.My next project is benefits of soy and its products (hope I will find
many). I do my own research, and I have opportunity to research huge base
(scientific), including medical journals. But, as I said, my next project is soy and its
benefits. But, anyway, back to coconut oil. What are the benefits of it? It is the whole
variety of benefits including:

* Nutritional source

* Supporting and strengthening of immune system

* Anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities

* Quick energy booster

* Inflammation reducer

* Stress manager

* Supports weight loss

* Helps in diabetes management and many more (skin, scalp, acne, hair...)

So far I am on the regiment of coconut oil for about 3 months by now. I feel better, I
have tons of energy, I do not feel sluggish at all, I lost 12 pounds( this is a welcomed
site effect) and my cholesterol is down. I use organic extra virgin coconut oil. I like
organic, but as I understand, it is not important.

About The Author

Norah Kuch

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Nora Kuch is a freelance writer for
I found myself in the situation where I
needed to find more information on
how to strengthen my immune
system to faith serious health
condition. I could not find easy the
information I needed. I know, the
Internet is helpful, but still, not
everything you can find, believe or

So this article will be more as a place
with reference for everything I
compiled on organic extra virgin
coconut oil. I came across few
articles and some research studies (I
researched everything possible in
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