Post Pregnancy Exercise - A Good Way to Shed Those
Pregnancy Pounds  
by Alana Olson
work. If you are one of these women, you are definitely getting it wrong!

It is best to start your post pregnancy exercise with light walks and other light
exercises. Once your body got used to light exercises, you can start getting back in
shape with more strenuous exercises like resistance and swimming exercises for
your muscle tone improvement. The use of light dumbbells is a good start for your
resistance training.

Aside from having post pregnancy exercise, slightly reducing your diet after giving
birth is a great idea because you don't need extra calories anymore to provide
nutrients to your baby. However, it is still recommended that you shy away from the
thought that you are going lose weight quickly because your body is still recovering
from pregnancy and you really need a lot of energy for full recovery. So how are you
going to lose weight if you need food to give you enough energy? This question will
take you back to the first recommendation - exercise!

Post pregnancy exercise can really be great fun and some doctors even encourage
mothers to involve their partners and their babies to do their exercises to develop
quality time and bonding in the family.

Another thing to consider is the post pregnancy fitness. Not because you want to
return to your normal figure means you are going to take your health and fitness for
granted. You need to prepare your body for this. So if you think you are ready, check
out some effective post pregnancy exercises below:

Head and Shoulder Raises

This exercise is the best way to shape up your flabby abs. This is done by laying your
back down the floor. Be sure to keep your hands behind your head and your knees
bent. Inhale and exhale deeply while tightening your abdominal muscles and
simultaneously lifting your shoulders and head off the ground. Do this for 8 to 10

Pelvic Floor Strengthener

This is helpful for improving the blood circulation in the pelvic region. It also helps to
shape up the vaginal canal. To do this exercise, you simply have to lie down on the
floor with your knees bents and your feet rested on the floor. Try posing hurdles for
the urinary flow as you tighten your vaginal muscles.

Pelvic Tilt

This is done by laying your back down the floor with your knees folded and feet
rested on the floor. Try expanding your abs muscles as you inhale. As you exhale,
raise your tailbone going to your navel. Slowly squeeze your butts as you keep your
hips on the floor. Do this for 8 to 10 repetition.

Losing weight is never easy even if you are not in the post pregnancy stage. It is
even more difficult when you have to shed your pregnancy pounds; however, with
the help of proper methods such as post pregnancy exercise and proper diet and
with the right attitude, you can pass through this stage and you'll get back to your
good shape and figure successfully.

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Alana Olson

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and how long do .
Engaging in regular exercise programs
after childbirth is very important for
your well-being, health and fitness
level. Also, you have to remember
that post pregnancy exercise is best
done a few weeks after your delivery
because participating in tedious
activities right after giving birth may
place too much stress on your body.
However, because of the big changes
most women had gone through, they
were always in a rush to do things
and they tend to neglect the proper
post pregnancy exercises. They think
that light exercises such as post
pregnancy exercises do not really
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