Post Workout Nutrition - Secrets To A Hard, Lean Body
by Michael Geary
post-workout meal as soon as you can after training. The goal is to choose a meal
with quickly digestible carbs to replenish muscle glycogen as well as quickly digestible
protein to provide the amino acids needed to jump start muscular repair. The surge of
carbohydrates and amino acids from this quickly digested meal promotes an insulin
spike from the pancreas, which shuttles nutrients into the muscle cells.

The post-workout meal should generally contain between 300-500 calories to get the
best response. For example, a 120-lb female may only need a 300-calorie meal,
whereas a 200-lb male may need a 500-calorie post-workout meal. Your post-
workout meal should also contain anywhere from a 2:1 ratio of carbs:protein to a 4:
1 ratio of carbs:protein. While most of your other daily meals should contain a source
of healthy fats, keep the fat content of your post-workout meal to a bare minimum,
since fat slows the absorption of the meal, which is the opposite of what you want
after a workout.

When choosing what to make for your post-workout meal, the first thing to realize is
that you DON’T need any of these expensive post-workout supplement formulations
that the magazines (who advertise for them) will tell you that you absolutely NEED!
As with any nutritional strategies, natural is always better. A good source of quickly
digestible natural carbs such as frozen bananas, pineapples, raisins, honey, or organic
maple syrup are perfect to elicit an insulin response that will promote muscle glycogen
replenishment and a general anabolic (muscle building) effect. The best source of
quickly digestible protein is a quality non-denatured whey protein isolate and/or some
fat-free or low-fat yogurt. Here are a couple ideas for delicious post-workout
smoothies that will kick start your recovery process:

Chocolate Banana – blend together 1 cup water, ½ cup skim milk, one and a half
frozen bananas, 2 tbsp organic maple syrup, and 30 grams chocolate whey protein
powder – 38 g prot, 72 g carb, 0.5 g fat, 440 calories.

Pineapple Vanilla - blend together 1 cup water, ½ cup vanilla yogurt, one cup frozen
pineapples, 2 tbsp honey (preferably raw), and 30 grams vanilla whey protein powder
– 35 g prot, 71 g carb, 0.5 g fat, 425 calories.

When looking to lose body fat, keep in mind that post-workout meals should have the
opposite characteristics of all of your other meals throughout each day. While post-
workout meals should have quick high glycemic index carbs, quickly digested proteins,
and minimal fat, all of your other meals throughout the day should be comprised of
low glycemic index, slowly digested carbs, slow release proteins, and ample healthy
fats. These are powerful strategies towards developing a lean muscular body with a
low body fat percentage. Another great thing about post-workout meals is that you
can satisfy even the worst sweet tooth, since this is the one time of the day where
you can get away with eating extra sugars without adding to your gut. Instead, it all
goes straight to the muscles! Enjoy!

About The Author

Michael Geary is a nationally dual certified personal trainer (NCSF-CPT, AFAA-CPT),
and author of "The Truth about Six Pack Abs" ©2004-2005.

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As you’ve probably heard before,
your post-workout meal may
very well be your most
important meal of the day. The
reason is that when you’re
finished with an intense workout,
you’re entering a catabolic state
where your muscle glycogen is
depleted and increased cortisol
levels are beginning to
excessively break down muscle
tissue. These conditions are not
good and the only way to
reverse this catabolic state (and
promote an anabolic state) is to
consume a quickly digestible
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