Prevent Heart Disease With Flax Seed
by Bruce Maul
Meanwhile, immense cravings for processed food items packed with carbohydrates,
refined sugars and preservatives could upset regular blood sugar levels which
become the precursor to pre-diabetes. Complement this diet of empty calories with
a sedentary lifestyle and soon enough one would be on the threshold of diabetes
mellitus. According to pertinent statistics, 75% of those diagnosed with type II
diabetes die of cardiovascular illnesses-including heart disease.

In view of these health-averse diets and lifestyles, is there a way to mitigate its
harmful effects on our cardiovascular system, particularly with the heart? Begin with
a modest diet shift towards low-fat, low-salt and high nutrition meals. Integrate a
mild exercise routine daily and you'll be on your way to averting the risks of elevated
blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Though if you prefer a natural dietary support
for the cardiovascular system that would strongly prevent the future incidence of
heart failure, consider a supplementation of flax seed daily.

On top of the portfolio of nutrients readily available in every serving of milled flax
seed is the essential fatty acid called Omega 3, an unsaturated type of fat not
synthesized by the body and should therefore be obtained from the diet. The heart
healthy benefits of Omega 3 in flax seed emanates from its conveyance of the good
cholesterol or HDL into the bloodstream that sweeps the walls of the arteries from
an undue build up of bad cholesterol or LDL. These help tone down blood pressure
levels and stabilize cardiovascular conditions as well. Moreover, Omega 3 aids in the
regulation of metabolic functions that makes flax seed an ideal dietary supplement
for pre-diabetics and diabetics alike, likewise due to the nutrient's ability to soothe
elevated blood sugar readings.

What are the chances of being diagnosed with heart problems later on in life given
our diets and lifestyles? But then again, why reckon its likelihood when you can
actually prevent these risks from taking shape through a modest diet change,
exercise and of course the daily intake of milled flax seed sprinkled over meals as a
dietary supplement. Flax seed supplementation is the approach to a healthy heart!

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Bruce Maul is a partner in Gold Flax Seed, Inc. which provides only top quality Flax
Seed and Health related products. Learn more about
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Diet and lifestyle dictate the
conditions of the human heart. In
fact, certain dietary preferences can
make or break the physiology of this
vital organ and the bodily systems
that support its functions. Consider a
diet frequently enriched with heaving
grams of saturated fats and transfats
over salty and greasy meals. This
likely promotes hypertension and the
gradual build up of cholesterol plaque
over the arterial walls which can
obstruct the transport of oxygen and
blood towards the heart over time,
to trigger the onset of heart diseases
and other cardiovascular problems.
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