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    Preventing Serious Diseases With Omega 3 Fish Oil – How Fish Oil May Help Prevent Cancer

    For many who are fighting the serious disease of cancer, omega 3 fish oils are offering a bit of newfound hope in their battle. It seems that omega 3 fatty acids are beneficial in most areas of the body and now it is being discovered that they may also prove beneficial in inhibiting the growth of certain forms of cancer such as breast, colon, skin, pancreatic, prostate, lung and other cancers.

    Recent studies have shown that in tests there has been significant progress in stopping these cancers in animals. This is fantastic news for those engaged in the war against cancer.

    Omega 3s work in direct opposite of omega 6 fatty acids. This is of benefit because omega 6 fatty acids can increase cancer growth.

    Since omega 3 fatty acids are their counterpart they work in direct opposite. This means in effect, that what the omega 6 starts, the omega 3 stops. Using this theory researchers were able to set up a study and test the effectiveness.

    They found that the subjects who were given omega 3 fish oils had a dramatic reduction in their incidence of cancer compared to those without the oil. While it doesn’t cure cancer, it does seem to slow its progression and this can be of great benefit by itself.

    There is a great deal of debate of how omega 3s actually work in the body in this area. Some of the theories are that the fish oil, once incorporated into the cells changes and this causes it not to respond to the agents that had promoted its growth before the oil was involved.

    Another reason may be that oil can cause the enzyme that enables prostaglandin synthesis to be unable to function or function at lower levels. Prostaglandin is what stimulates tumor growth so if it is not functioning correctly then that slows the growth of tumors.

    Some of the other reasons that omega 3 fish oils may help in the slowing down of tumors are related to some of the other functions it performs in the body. Due to the increase in omega 3 fatty acids one’s hormones become more in balance and they are better able to work as they should.

    This can be an effective reason why it would be beneficial in cancers that are hormone related. Also in general omega 3 fish oils promote a good immune system and having an immune system that is functioning well is the key in fighting any type of disease.

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