Problems Created by Obesity During Pregnancy
by Christine Crotts
obese may actually have an increased likelihood of birth defects. These babies may
be born with spinal bifida or they may have neural tube defects to name a few
complications. Still, others may heart problems or even a cleft lip.

There are a few possible explanations as to why this may occur for children that are
born to obese parents. The first though is that these women may have gone through
their pregnancy with diabetes and no one knew it. If it is not diagnosed and managed
properly then it can have grave effects on the unborn child's development in the
womb. Another theory is that the pregnant mother's dietary habits may not include
all of the vitamins and minerals that the child needs in order for proper development
to occur during the pregnancy. They may not be getting the correct amount of folic
acid that they need either.

While all of this information can be very frightening, it does not mean that just
because you are struggling with weight issues when you get pregnant that your baby
will suffer from these birth defects. There are several things that you can do in order
for your baby to have a decreased likelihood of birth defects and these things will
keep you healthy as well.

The first thing that you can do is make sure that you are getting the correct amount
of folic acid each day. Most doctors will give you a multivitamin to take during your
pregnancy so that you are getting enough folic acid. But, if you are not able to take
this vitamin then you need to talk to your doctor about others ways to get what
your baby needs to be healthy.

If you are considering starting a family then you will want to begin trying to get your
weight under control. Starting to walk more or becoming more active along with
eating better can be a step in the right direction. You will also want to speak with
your doctor about being tested for diabetes. Identifying these issues early can help
you get things under control so that you and your child are healthy the entire

If you are concerned about your weight at any time then you should talk to your
doctor. He or she will be able to help you develop a plan to become healthier and
more active. Obesity should be addressed at any time. It is really about you being
healthy for the rest of your life.

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Christine Crotts loves to cook in her kitchen with a crowd seated around the kitchen
island. Christine has written a site with reviews of
, as well as a
review of
Women that pack on the extra
pounds during a pregnancy may be
subjecting themselves to certain
medical risks and issues such as high
blood pressure or even gestational
diabetes. There are times when this
may even result in the increased
likelihood of a c-section rather than
being able to have a natural birth.
While many women understand this,
they may not realize that this can
create concerns and medical issues
for their child later in life.

Studies have shown that babies who
were born to mothers that were
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