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    Psoriasis Treatment Using Natural Remedies

    If you have Psoriasis or any other skin problem, I know you are always looking for a solution. With psoriasis, the skin breaks out in itchy rashes, unsightly blemishes, and white flakes.

    In psoriasis, the skin cells multiply quickly causing rashes to appear quickly. Normal skin renews itself in 30 days, but in psoriasis, skin cells move from the innermost layer of skin to the skin surface in 3 days, causing red and itchy areas. In addition, as cells accumulate on the surface they die, turning white and flaky.

    Finding a psoriasis treatment that cures is not easy since there doesn’t appear to be one. Most doctors or dermatologists do not know what causes psoriasis and consider it incurable. But there are many different natural remedies that can give some relief to psoriasis but at far as a natural psoriasis treatment that is a cure, there is none.

    Here is a list of psoriasis treatments that you may want to try.

    • Give your skin some sun to give your body additional energy and Vitamin D to fight your psoriasis. You can add Vitamin D supplements to the list of vitamins you take. The psoriasis sun treatment works better with UVB rays but these rays also cause sunburn. So you may want to put sunscreen on those areas that do not have psoriasis.
    • Drink teas or take capsules of sarsaparilla, milk thistle or nettle leaves.
    • Take a regular dose of fish oil or flax seed. Start with 1500 mg per day of fish oil
    • Use a couple tablespoons of granular lecithin. You can add it to your soups, salads, morning cereal, or smoothes. Never add it to boiling water or use it as cooking oil since it oxidizes rapidly and becomes rancid.
    • Take large dose of inositol, a B vitamin, around 1.5 grams or more and see how it affects your psoriasis. Caution: taking an imbalance of B vitamins (one or two instead of all of them) will cause an imbalance to health. If taking a B vitamin, it’s best to take a supplement that contains all the essential B vitamins.
    • Use a diluted apple cider vinegar over your psoriasis to reduce itching. Start with 10 parts apple cider vinegar to 90 part of distilled water. No known pathogen can survive in apple cider vinegar.
    • Keep stress down if possible, stress lowers the immune system and a weak immune system cannot keep up with the activity of psoriasis.
    • There is another herb that appears to be an excellent psoriasis treatment. It’s called mahonia quifolium and is better known as Oregon grape or holly-leaved barberry, which is a natural plant extract

    This extract is:
    – A strong antibacterial
    – A strong antifungal
    – Inhibits the excessive abnormal skin cell growth
    – Reduces inflammation
    – Activates the release of histamine

    • You can find mahonia aquifolium in a product called M-Folia. This product comes in various forms – ointments, shampoos, sunscreen, and cream preparations
    • Keep your psoriasis area open to air and don’t allow jewelry or tight clothing to press against it. Stay of away from harsh chemicals sprays and liquid irritants.
    • Use a psoriasis treatment as mentioned above to help give you psoriasis relief. You can use a combination of these remedies, so experiment to see which works the best for you.

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