Purified Water vs Spring Water
by Jon M. Stout
differences between purified and spring water, many find the overall benefits of
bottled water in general make this option a smart one. The extra processing that
most bottled waters are subjected to can help remove impurities that slip through
the public water supply's treatment and testing programs.

Basic Bottled Water Facts Consumers Should Know

Bottled water undergoes a great deal more regulation and scrutiny than many
consumers realize. While it is not regulated by the same agency that oversees the
public water supply - the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency - it does receive
government oversight. In the case of bottled water, the agency that insures strict
standards are adhered to is the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Many states also
add their own layers of protection in regard to regulation.

The FDA itself puts rather high standards on bottled water produced within and/or
sold within the United States. This agency demands that suppliers of bottled water,
purified, spring or otherwise do the following things:

Beyond FDA regulations, many of America's bottled water suppliers are members of
the International Bottled Water Association. This voluntary, industry association holds
its members to stricter standards than the federal government and even state
governments. The IBWA demands that its members:

Bottled water sometimes comes from the same sources as public water. In fact,
many suppliers of bottled water start out with the tap and then further process to
create their own distinct brand. Some, however, do not.

Understanding Spring Water

While spring water and purified water can come from exactly the same underground
sources, the treatment processes that are involved in the two varieties can vary
rather greatly. In general, spring water must come from protected, pure underground
sources to carry this moniker.

According to the IBWA, spring water that is bottled must come from an underground
source that has natural water flow to the earth's surface. The water itself must be
gathered from the spring or from a borehole that taps into an underground
formation. To earn the title of spring water, the collected water itself must carry all
the same properties prior to treatment that the spring contains.

Spring water is subjected to the same FDA and IBWA standards that other forms of
bottled water must adhere to. This means that it must be tested for quality and that
some form of treatment is generally called for to insure safety and purity.

The Purified Water Difference

Depending on the supplier in question, purified bottled water might actually come
from the exact same source as spring water. This, however, is where the two
varieties differ.

To earn the name "purified," water must undergo one or more specialized treatment
processes, according to the IBWA. The options include distillation, reverse osmosis,
deionization and so on. Purified water, in essence, is highly treated drinking water
that does not contain the chemical compounds found in the public water supply.
Chlorine aftertastes, for example, will not be found within purified water.

Distilled Oxygenated Water Is Purified At Its Best

Distilled oxygenated water is one form of purified water that is gaining a lot of
attention. To create this particular product, the source water is distilled for purification
purposes. This step in the process removes impurities and insures that FDA and IBWA
standards are met or exceeded. The oxygenation process itself requires the infusion
of oxygen molecules into the end product. The final result is a water product that is
clean, crisp tasting and adherent to FDA and IBWA standards. Many find purified
bottled water is the superior choice when safety and flavor both matter.

Making the decision to purchase spring water versus purified water often comes
down to personal choice. Many people prefer the taste and the added security that
purified bottled water can deliver. The reality is many forms of distilled and spring
water come from the exact same source. In the case of purified water, however, the
extra treatment measures can deliver peace of mind and an excellent flavor both.

About The Author

Jon M. Stout is Chairman of the Board of Element H2O an Ultra Pure bottled water
company located in Chantilly, Virginia. For more information about bottled water,
private label
[http://www.elementh2o.com/Store] and bottled water
delivery [http://www.elementh2o.com/local] go to the Element H2O website.
As the overall safety of the public
water supply is under scrutiny thanks
to a recent Associated Press study
that uncovered some disturbing
contaminants, many consumers are
likely finding themselves wondering if
bottled water is better. For many, the
facts about bottled water will make
this the clear choice. The problem lies
in deciding what kind of bottled water
to select. Understanding the
differences between purified water
and spring water can guide
consumers in the right direction.

While there are some distinct
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