Raw Chocolate and Cacao Nibs For Your Health
by Arthur Martin
cocoa by many is actually a fruit. And what's even more surprising that the taste of
cacao in its pure, unprocessed form is actually very far from what you may be used
to. Raw chocolate is not sweet, not even a little; it's actually very bitter which might
initially turn you off.

You don't even have to consume large amounts to start benefiting from raw
chocolates, a single cacao nib a day will do. So what do you really get from eating
raw chocolate or cacao nibs? Just to give you an idea of all the benefits that you can
expect, here as some that have been tested and proven by research:

Anti oxidants: Cacao beans come highly packed with anti oxidants which have been
proven to slow down the process of aging as well as help the body eliminate
unwanted harmful chemicals and wastes. In actuality, the antioxidants percentage
present in chocolate is found to be one of the highest. This makes it twice as
effective in breaking down free radicals in the body, which may already know, can
cause cancer.

Flavanols: Research has also found that raw chocolates contain high levels of
flavanols which is a chemical responsible for regulating and clearing blood vessels.
The flavanols found in chocolates are in fact so concentrated that they have been
found to be very effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases and can even help
people that are already dealing with the problem.

Sulfur: Cacao beans has also been known to contain sulfur in high percentages
which is responsible for promoting healthy and radiant looking skin as well as help
build healthy nails and hair. Aside from these visible benefits, sulfur has also been
found to be beneficial in detoxifying the liver as well as help in optimizing pancreas

Increased sensitivity to insulin: Individuals who consume cacao nibs daily has also
been found to be more sensitive to insulin making them less prone to blood sugar
issues such as diabetes. This is also a great way to enjoy chocolate without all the
refined sugar.

Apart from all of the benefits that have was mentioned above, there are other
benefits that raw chocolate can give. So what are you waiting for? Learn more about
preparing cacao nibs and raw chocolate. As bitter as they might be, you can enjoy
eating it if it's prepared correctly. Remember, the closer the chocolate is to its
natural, unprocessed form, the healthier it will be for you.

About The Author

Arthur Martin has been an expert on health foods in general, and has owned a health
food shop for several years. He has now become one of the leading and most
trusted sources of Raw Chocolate and Cacao Nibs in the UK.

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and Raw Chocolate, you can visit
When people think about chocolate,
one word comes into mind -
fattening. Well, sure, most would say
that chocolates are fattening, but this
has nothing to do with the fact that
they contain powerful antioxidants.
What makes chocolate fattening is
the other ingredients that are
incorporated when they are
manufactured commercially. Raw
chocolate or cacao nibs on the other
hand are the pure forms, which mean
that they still contain all of the natural
nutrients and benefits.

Cacao or more familiarly known as
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