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    Raw Honey – What Are The Benefits?

    Delicious Raw Honey, what are the benefits of raw honey and what else can you use it for?

    A particularly useful way to use it as a substitute for sugar or sugar substitutes in home baking, cooking and canning recipes. This is a very healthy sugar substitute and one that can be adapted very easily when home canning your fruits and pickles.

    Many a beekeeper will have such an amazing honey harvest that even when having eaten, sold and even given away much of their honey, theywill still have some left over and will use it for a huge variety of uses.

    When you buy cough, cold and flu remedies from over a shop counter you are very often wasting their money. A far more effective home remedy is warm water with raw honey and fresh lemon juice.

    Most good athletes swear by the use of honey and water to stimulate and boost their sporting performances. They will do their utmost to avoid drinking chemical sports drinks which will boost performance for a little while although nowhere near the period that honey will. This is because honey will release slowly and effectively for a long period of time its energy boosting compounds.

    Honey is not just for sweetening foods and drinks, it is actually a nutrition packed source of food and an ancient form of medicine which has been proved by modern-day scientists to be very beneficial to our health.

    There are many pretty jars or cans of honey in shops looking pretty on shop shelves. Try to stay clear of those pretty jars dressed up to entice you. These pretty jars are often not real, pure raw honey; they have been processed and blended with plenty of sugar or corn syrup. These will cause you far more harm than good.

    The Best Honey to Buy

    Buy your raw honey from your local beekeeper or local farmers markets. Raw honey, especially local raw honey, actually de-sensitizes us to the pollen spores’ blowing around because of the pollen spores it contains. This can prevent the onset of hay fever symptoms which are a great source of misery to many.

    If you buy your honey from a shop you should really check the labels out. It is best not to buy anything that states it has been blended with other ingredients.

    Really raw honey will contain Propolis too, this is wonderful, and it is the most natural antibiotic substance you can possibly find.

    Honey farmers who produce Organic Raw Honey can only label and sell their honey if their bees have not been subjected to any kind of pollution such as pesticides which are believed to be the main perpetrators of our honey bee losses.

    Is Raw Honey Good For You?

    This honey contains far more anti-oxidants than some fruits and vegetables and every vitamin and mineral including water we need to sustain life. Eating raw honey also stimulates B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes making them multiply which makes it really good for you.

    This honey also contains those all important anti-oxidants needed in our daily diets; they are a great way of helping to mop up all those free radicals which are so harmful to our health.

    A good raw honey also contains all the enzymes which help to ensure our foods are digested properly. This plays a big part in helping to keep our immune systems working correctly and is very beneficial to sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and can be helpful when trying to lose weight.

    Your skin will benefit from this honey too, this is wonderful for healing and tightening the skin because it heals skin infections and protects and moisturizes keeping it soft and supple.

    Try using it on burns and scalds too for fast effective healing. Honey is also perhaps one of the most understated acne cures there are.

    Is Raw Honey Useful as Medicinal Honey?

    Hippocrates cured most of his patients with honey. He dedicated most of his life healing children who were ill. They literally thrived on the nutrition of the honey given to them by him. He was the writer of the Hippocratic Oath and what he didn’t know about honey is hardly worth a mention.

    Perhaps the most famous modern doctor today in the field of honey is Dr Peter Molam. A very clever man who works at the Waikato Honey Research Unit in New Zealand. He has spent more than thirty years researching and proving scientifically the benefits of honey as a healer.

    Let’s also give the Researchers at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem a well deserved mention, they have proved that taking two to three ounces of healing honey a day wipes out the toughest of stomach ulcers.

    Honey can actually stop a stomach ulcer from forming and is brilliant at healing one if present. Stomach ulcers are caused by bad bacteria, not as always believed stress! Just eat two to five teaspoons of good raw honey every day.

    It is quite capable of curing most bacterial ailments due to its ability to eat away at and destroy any bad bacteria but will leave good bacteria alone.

    How many people realize it is able to eliminate MRSA the dreaded flesh-eating disease! E-Coli is yet another disease that doesn’t stand a chance once honey gets to work.

    Hospitals use honey too, it is applied to all kinds of slow to heal skin infections such as severe nappy rash, bedsores and for unfortunate victims of severe burns with results that even amazed them. Even after major operations honey is now one the preferred dressings in many of today’s hospitals.

    Is there a more versatile medicinal or food source than raw honey? It can be used when cooking and baking helping to produce some fantastic recipes, can be mixed with fruits to naturally sweeten a delicious smoothie, spread on toast and eaten straight from the can or the jar.

    There is no use by date for Honey, it can be stored forever, just store it at room temperature. It is important to choose the right container and should always have a tightly sealed lid to stop it from absorbing any moisture around and keeping insects and ants at bay.

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