Reducing Global Warming by Recycling Products and using
Biodegradable Bags  
by Andy D Black
recycle. Others either do not understand or they do not care about the effects that
their own decision to not recycle will make.

Eco living is a lifestyle adorned by many in the quest for a brighter, greener future.
The general 'green' aim is one with intent and it strives to promote longevity
(whether it be potential or actual) of vital human ecological support systems - such
as climatic, agricultural, industry and other various issues that directly impact our
environment. The notion that a balanced environmental state can be maintained at a
certain, healthy level, indefinitely speaking, is what separates green individuals'
motives from a standard individuals lack of action. Not only will 'small' eco friendly
changes help make the earth a better place, they are also sure to benefit ourselves,
our families, and our wallets- so it's really a win all situation! "Being eco-friendly
doesn't always require drastic changes in your day to day. Sure, it would be great if
everyone could trade in their inefficient gas guzzlers for hybrid cars but there are also
lots of little changes we can make that are sure to have major impacts.

There are many recycled products available on the market these days, and nearly all
products can be recycled to some degree. Many councils and government
departments use recycled goods where they can to reinforce the governments stand
on creating a greener future. Recycled products are often close to or equal in price to
products made from virgin materials. By using recycled products, we are reducing the
production levels of non-recycled goods and therefore helping the environment.
Businesses and organisations have become more aware recycling and the benefits it
brings, so therefore utilise recycled products for their marketing.

If you have a business, then you can even buy 'recycled' promotional products to
help with your marketing or promotional advertising. You can increase referrals by
using recycled promotional products to encourage current clients to refer a friend or
colleague to your business. Business, conference and exhibition aids represent a
sizeable portion of the total promotional product industry and their continuing use is
a clear sign of their effectiveness. As part of your promotional campaign you could
equip your employees with company branded clothing and name tags, many of which
can be made from recycled materials, to help reinforce your company identity, and
add a professional touch. People love to receive promotional gifts. That is why they
prove so popular at trade shows and events; So why not opt for recycled gifts?

A popular environmentally friendly item that can be used daily and is great for getting
your company name, are
. Biodegradable material is that
which can be naturally broken down into organic components. Because a product is
advertised as biodegradable it doesn't necessarily mean that it is good for the
environment. It was only a few decades ago that the manufacturing cost of standard
plastic carrier bags became so low that it allowed them to become the environmental
problem that they are today. Bioplastics are the new craze in the plastic industry.
Bioplastic is produced from the components of organic materials such as soy oil and
corn starch.

About The Author

Andy Black

Are you looking for a range of high quality promotional products, and
for your organisation. We supply a huge range of promotional pens,
printed umbrellas, biodegradable carrier bags along with thousands of other
promotional products.
Recycling is the key to confronting
global warming and reducing the
effects of green house gases.
Recycling is pretty amazing, and a
valuable resource for us to promote
all over the country. Unfortunately,
plastics are piling up in the landfills
rather than being given a second
chance to serve another round on
the market. This is sad as the more
we result in land filling, the more
plastics are being produce. A great
advantage of recycling is that it
conserves energy resources, such as
coal and petroleum deposits. Many
people know how important it is to
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