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Exercise and Fitness
Simply, nutrition is studying the unique relationship between the states of health and
disease and diet. Particularly the study of food. Nutrition is so important because lack of
neccessary nutrients can allow viruses and diseases to thrive which can lead to illness
and even death.

Nutrition is mostly based in the middle of the two extremes; that being between prime
health and malnutrition. In that middle there is a wide range of diseases that can be
caused and prevented due to changes in diet. Scurvy is a common disease that can result
from unhealthy diet. It is important to note that it is not just malnutrition that can cause
problems, and that excesses and imbalances also play a large role.

Trying to understand how specific aspects of diet influence the health of the boy is what
the science of nutrition is about. Often times individuals who are having problems with
the performance of their body will go to visit an nutrionist. The nutritionist will spend
time analyzing the patient's health, diet, daily routine, and more. From the information
that they collect they will put together a plan, "diet", which they will give to the patient
to follow to help them correct their mistakes in diet, and to get them back on track.
Nutritionists often work in coordination with personal trainers, when involved with diet,
and muscle problems, to help increase the activity and the overall healthiness of their

Living a healthy lifestyle is more about what you eat. It's an entire package: What you
eat, How you sleep, The air you breathe, How active you are,etc. Taking steps to
improve your lifestyle are actually quite simple. Simple differences like taking an apple
over a chocolate bar, or biking over walking, are easy to make and can make the world
of a difference!

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