Relieve Your PMS Symptoms the Natural Way
by Lesli Chadwick
on water retention.

Caffeine, whether it's in coffee, tea, pop, chocolate or anything else will make you
more irritable and will also increase the tenderness and soreness of your breasts, so
you want to cut your intake while menstruating.

If you often feel depressed when you have your period, avoid alcohol, as it will
depress you even further.

Drinking warm water isn't exactly palatable, but it will help, as will coconut, raisins,
papaya or any other sweet, juicy fruits.

A massage is great at any time of the month, but works wonders when it comes to
natural PMS remedies. Make the massage even better for you by adding a few drops
of essential oils such as clary sage, chamomile, geranium, lavender or orange
blossom to either an unscented lotion or massage oil. Once the mixture is
prepared-you can just mix them together in your hands-massage it into your lower
back or abdomen.

Regular exercise will help as well, as it will increase brain functioning, and heighten
your mood.

Who doesn't love soaking in a hot bath? Try adding either a cup of sea salt of a cup
of baking soda and turn it into a mineral bath. Soaking for about twenty minutes will
assist in relaxing your muscles.

While menstruating, try to eat more often by making your meals smaller and
spreading them out through the day. This will help to keep your blood sugars level
and help prevent your cravings for all things sweet.

As much as possible cut back on foods high in saturated fats like red meat, cheese
and butter as they increase "bad" prostaglandin levels and cause uterine discomfort,
bloating and mood swings.

Oils such as evening primrose, borage, flax seed, and pumpkin seed contain essential
fatty acids that are changed into "good" prostaglandin.

If you suffer from cramps, severe or otherwise, try drinking one or two cups of
raspberry leaf tea. If you tend to bloat when you have your period, you can try
drinking dandelion tea.

While chaste tree berry (agnus castus) doesn't have immediate results-it can take
about three months-this herb is one of the most popular natural PMS remedies. The
dosage is 10 drops every morning from the middle of your cycle until the beginning
of your period.

Light therapy products will also ease the symptoms of PMS. All you need to do is sit
under one of these therapeutic light boxes for twenty to forty-five minutes a day.

About The Author

Lesli Chadwick provides
on a variety of subjects including
If you're looking for natural PMS
remedies, there are many things you
can do to alleviate your symptoms.
In fact, what you eat can be a
significant factor when it comes to
either aggravating or suppressing the
pain of premenstrual syndrome. To
help, you should eat complex carbs
like whole grain bread, pasta and
cereals, as well as fiber and protein.
You should avoid entirely, or at least
reduce your intake, of sugars and fat.

In the days leading up to your period,
you should start avoiding salt, as this
will help reduce bloating and cut down
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