Resistance Training - Five Reasons to Add Strength Training
to Your Routine  
by Dorota Antosik
only used to build muscle. And they don't want to grow their muscles. But, in reality,
weight training is about building strength and muscle tone. Not size. By following a
proper routine, you will build strength and allow yourself to do more activities. And,
you will look better.

Here are 5 of the benefits of resistance training

1. Increased Strength and Stamina The primary benefit to resistance training is to
increase your strength. By being stronger, you are able to take part in more
activities, and can naturally have a more active life. Which leads to other benefits

2. Reduced Body Fat / Increased Body Tone To put it simply, resistance training will
help you to look better. While cardiovascular training will help you burn fat, resistance
training burns the fat, but also increases your muscle tone. Giving you the body you
always wanted.

3. Better Bone Density. While you can't see the benefits of increased bone density,
they are obvious. A higher bone density will help you well into your old age, when
bone density normally starts to decrease.

4. Cardiovascular (Heart) Benefits Regular weight training can help to reduce your
heart rate and lower blood pressure. This helps reduce the risk of heart disease.

5. Decreased Possibility of Injuries As we age, we naturally become weaker, and
more susceptible to injury. Doing weight training early in life, and continuing even
when older, makes your body stronger and less likely to end up injured later in life.

The benefits of resistance training should be obvious. By building up your strength,
you can enjoy more activities throughout your entire life. Weight training isn't just for
serious athletes. Just like with any new exercise routine, you should talk to your
doctor. Especially if you are older, or have not been involved with weight training in
the past.

Strength training works best if you work with a professional personal trainer. He will
be able to put together a plan based on your body type, current fitness level and
goals. Resistance training is one of the most important exercise routines you can do
for your self. And as long as you do it right, it's never too late to get started.

About The Author

Dorota Antosik runs Fruits 4 Life Network, a Vancouver, BC, distributor. She writes
about health topics ranging from Acai Berry Juice your immune system to
and weight loss.  Download her FREE Report which is available on
her website.
Resistance training, also known as
strength or weight training is an
exercise type where your muscles
are put under opposing pressure. This
can be through the use of weights or
even your own body weight. It differs
from cardiovascular, in that you are
not trying to raise your heart beat,
and keep it high. You are attempting
to strengthen the muscle by gradually
breaking down and then rebuilding up
muscle cells.

Many people are concerned about
adding resistance training to their
routine, because the think that it is
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