Revealed - The Most Important Food For Brain Health
by Danny Lewis
there are different types of omega 3, but the ones in these fish are specifically good
for our brains because their omega 3 contains two fats DHA and EPA, and it is the
DHA we are interested in.

The reason we are interested in the DHA is because fat makes up around sixty
percent of the tissue in our brain, and of that amount half again is DHA fat. This fat is
only available to us through the food we eat as our body does not make it and other
than the initial shot we get when we are in the womb keeping levels up is down to us.

The way the DHA fat works in our brains is that it creates a membrane around all of
the brain cells. As our brain works it transmits neurons from cell to cell and they have
to pass through this membrane. If our levels of DHA are good then they pass
through no problem, keeping our memory and concentration levels good. However,
if our levels are low then a replacement fat is used DPA and this is where the
problems start.

DPA is a stiffer type of fat and this means it cannot be passed through as easily, this
results in a breakdown of communication between the cells. This breakdown can
occur in varying degrees. In children it can result in ADHD, in adults it can effect
memory and concentration, but it can also trigger other conditions such as anxiety,
depression, mood swings and conditions like bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

However as good as fish is as a food for brain health, to really keep those levels up
will mean taking it on a daily basis. For the majority this is not realistic as not many
people would really want to eat fish every day, plus oily fish are known to sometimes
contain toxins which can be bad for you if eaten in large quantities. The answer is to
use a fish oil supplement, this means you can get the equivalent of a portion of fish
on a daily basis. One thing to check out though is that the fish has been molecularly
distilled as it needs to go through this process to get rid of all the toxins.

About The Author

Danny Lewis

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If you are looking for good food for
brain health, the answer may lie in
something that you have probably
heard before but just thought it was
a myth or an old wives tale, and that
is that fish is brain food. Although this
may seem strange it is in fact true,
but not of all fish it specifically has to
be oily fish along the lines of tuna,
hoki or salmon. The reason that
these fish are food for brain health is
down to the oils and fats contained
within them.

Oily fish such as the ones we have
mentioned are high in omega 3. Now
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