Safe Tanning Beds That Produce Vitamin D - Why Vitamin D is
a Key Player in Your Overall Health  
by Gaetane Ross
abilities to improve the immune system, regulate heart and blood pressure, build
muscle strength and brain activity, as well as help produce insulin by the pancreas.

Most importantly, if you take adequate amounts of Vitamin D, then it is considered to
be extremely helpful in reducing the risk of cancer.

He also includes a list of 36 organ tissues that responds well to Vitamin D. These
include bone marrow, breast, intestine, colon, kidney, lung, prostate, and many
others. It's the cells that respond biologically to the vitamin that allows such an
important benefit.

Keep in mind that according to Anthony Norman, all of these organ tissues can also
diminish without enough Vitamin D. We already know that it's linked to muscle
strength decreases, and various cancers like prostate and breast versions.

Have you heard about it also being related to Parkinson's disease? While these were
unrelated studies, the evidence was there. One of the major points was that over
half of the participants who had Parkinson's, also had insufficient amounts of Vitamin

This is why places like the American Academy of Pediatrics have doubled its
suggestion regarding daily doses for kids. Over the long term this could keep them
from developing rickets and instead promote various other health benefits.

Even when a baby is born, guidelines are telling us that children should have 400
international units per day. These are massive amounts compared to a decade ago,
but it does make you realize how important it is today.

Dr. Frank of the AAP said, "Evidence has shown this could have life-long health
benefits." Even though the word "could" is no guarantee, it's something we seriously
have to think about adding to our daily diet. Whether you're spending proper
amounts of time in the sun, taking Vitamin D supplements everyday or even taking
advantage of a healthy tanning bed, these are all ways to get a healthy dose.

One thing to remember about the tanning beds is that I said, "Healthy tanning bed."
There are several issues that form from the conventional styles, but we're now
starting to see an increase in healthy beds that offer Vitamin D, reverse wrinkles, and
even more serious things like lowering blood pressure and relieving pain from

This is definitely something else you should see. It will give you a clear understanding
of why the world is finally going healthy.

About The Author

Gaetane Ross is a Certified Natural Health Consultant who has spent over 6 years
focusing on Nutrition and Health. She also specializes in Alternative Medicine, Spiritual
Healing and Healthy Lifestyle.  
Long ago Vitamin D was link to simply
bone diseases like rickets or
osteoporosis. However, in today's
world, it's considered to be one of
the best ingredients to your overall
health. Some safe and healthy
tanning beds offer vitamin D.

I came across an article published by
the American Journal of Clinical
Nutrition, and found that it was quite
liberating. International Vitamin D
expert Anthony Norman talks about
the ability of this vitamin to go above
and beyond the normal expectations.
He also discusses the advantages and
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