Safely Overcome Insomnia - 9 Ways
by Michelle H Smith
Being unable to sleep is the result of hormonal imbalances, stress, distress,
depression, medications, or health problems. Any one of these problems causes you
body to become imbalanced.

Overcoming Insomnia

Many turn to medication for help sleeping. The problem with this method is that it can
cause other problems such as a chemical dependency to the medication you are

Here are nine safer actions you can take toward overcoming insomnia:

1) Avoid alcohol, sugar and caffeine. Alcohol doesn't allow your body to fall into a
deep sleep. While you may fall asleep, don't be surprised when you don't stay asleep.
Caffeine, a known stimulant should be avoided for several hours before bed time. If
you have trouble giving it up, consider cutting back a little each day until you are able
to cut it out altogether.

2) Try a natural supplement like Melatonin which helps invoke sleep. Your body
naturally produces it but for various reasons, your production may not be sufficient.
Melatonin supplements can be purchased at your local health food store.

3) Adjust the temperature in your bedroom. For optimal sleep, The American Sleep
Association recommends maintaining an environmental temperature in your
bedroom of no more than 70 degrees.

4) Use natural sleep aids such as essential oils and herbal sleep aid teas. Lavender
and Valerian essential oils are commonly used to treat insomnia. They help to relax
the mind and body. Valerian is also available at your local health food store as a sleep
tea along with Chamomile and St. John's Wort.

5) Stick to a routine sleep schedule. Your body gets accustomed to sleeping when
you "program" it to do so at the same time daily.

6) Shut off all televisions, video games and computers at last an hour before
bedtime. They are very distracting to a good night's rest.

7) Shut out as much light as possible. Your body's natural rhythms are directly
affected by light and even the smallest amount can cause you difficulty sleeping.

8) Reduce your stress levels. It is common knowledge that stress can inhibit sleep.
When you are severely stressed out, you may have trouble sleeping for days at a
time. Therefore, limit access to those things or people (within your control), that
cause you additional stress.

9) Try acupuncture, a tradition Chinese treatment for insomnia. It is a safe natural
method for re-balancing the body's energy. When you're unable to sleep, it's because
your body is imbalanced. This ancient practice helps bring the body back into balance
so that you can fall asleep effortlessly. There are alternative health products on the
market like the Chi Dream Sleep Aid that use the acupuncture technique to help you
fall sleep. Otherwise, it can be administered by a licensed acupuncturist.

Use a combination of these 9 ways to overcome insomnia. Try one of the natural
sleep aids for one week and the melatonin supplements the following week, but not
at the same time. The remaining ways to help you sleep can be tried in conjunction
with the sleep aids and supplements. Overcoming insomnia may take some time but
be persistent for the sake of your long term health and peace.

About The Author

Michelle H Smith

Insomnia results in elevated stress levels and should be addressed right away. If you
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Insomnia affects your health and
severely inhibits your ability to
function at your best. You need to
overcome this problem if you are
going to live productively during the
days that lie ahead.

What Causes Insomnia?

Insomnia is more than being unable
to fall asleep. You may suffer from it
if you find yourself waking up several
times throughout the night. This is
assuming you've ruled out other
health problems such as incontinence.
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