Side Effects of ADHD Drugs - How to Judge What is Right For
Your Child  
by Robert William Locke
enough sleep, had a poor appetite and was condemned to stunted growth, at least in
the short term? Would all these side effects of ADHD drugs be justified by the
beneficial effects of the medicines? That is for every parent to decide.

Some of the drugs are supposed to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and will help
children with their impulsivity, lack of attention and so on. But for a third of young
children, the side effects of ADHD drugs are so devastating that they just cannot go
on and that it is then that parents start to wake up and realize that there must be a
safer, less traumatic type of treatment available.

As we are dealing with a mental disorder, the medicines are supposed to aid the
neurotransmitters so that the child can have a greater attention span, and be
focused. The problem is that as they are stimulants, they not only stimulate the brain
but the heart as well. There are risks for children with heart conditions, there may be
bouts of depression and anxiety and maybe even psychotic episodes together with
an increase in suicidal thoughts. All these may occur although there may be very few
incidences of them.

However, the FDA is now warning all consumers NOT to try new drugs until after four
or five years, when proper trials have been carried out. The reality is that there are
still drugs on sale and they have not completed their follow up studies which was a
requirement for them being approved in the first place!

You will be relieved to know that there is an alternative to the side effects of ADHD
drugs. If you decide to take this path and adopt an ADHD homeopathic remedy, be
prepared for criticism and scorn from doctors and paramedics in the medical

There are FOUR things they cannot compete with and they will have to go on with
their rather long list of ADHD drugs side effects. What they can never compete with is
the fact that homeopathic remedies have no side effects, there is no risk of addiction
and furthermore there are no long term health risks. Last but not least, the price of
these remedies are much cheaper than the ADHD drugs. Isn't it time that your child
got the chance to have a happy childhood?

About The Author

Robert Locke is a Health enthusiast who specializes in Children's Health. He has
written extensively on ADHD. Discover what
to look out for
and what are the alternatives.. Find out how
can save your
Wouldn't you be worried if an ADHD
drug was withdrawn in Canada but
not in the US? Why was it withdrawn?
Because there were twenty deaths of
children who had been on that drug in
Canada. In America, the FDA decided
NOT to withdraw it and it is now
allowed to be prescribed for children
as young as three years of age! It
would seem that no one is too
worried about the side effects of
ADHD drugs.

Would you not be concerned that a
child on amphetamine drugs for a
number of years could not get
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