Sleep and Rest - Do Not Neglect Your Downtime
by Pascasio JR Felisilda
need about 6 hours of sleep. It will vary for each individual but 6-8 hours of sleep
daily is a safe bet. As humans, we need quality downtime.

We are not sharks who do not sleep at all. We are not lions who sleep almost all the
time- unless they are hunting for food. As important it is to sleep enough, the time
that we sleep is also important. Sleeping 6 to 8 hours daily with varying times is not
good for your body. For example, if you sleep at 10:00 pm one night and get up at
6:00 am in the morning then you sleep at 2:00 am the next night and get up at
10:00 am in the morning, you are doing harm to your body with the sleep
inconsistency. Of course, we cannot have the same exact starting time every night.
But, we should do our best to be consistent on the start time of our sleep.

We need quality sleep. Quality sleep seems like an oxymoron for some people
because it is difficult to get that quality sleep. What happens to our bodies when we
get quality sleep? It rebuilds itself. Lean muscle mass can only grow when they are
resting. Also, our skin replenish itself during our sleep. Thus, we could even look
better when we wake up. When we are sleeping, our bodies are changing for the
better. Our minds replenish itself and reset itself. This is great. When we are tired in
the mid-afternoon, we can take a power nap (now there is an oxymoron) for 15
minutes. We will wake up refreshed and supposedly more empowered and powered-
physically and mentally.

Along with quality workouts and a quality diet, we will need quality sleep. Do not
neglect your sleep. And, be consistent on what time you sleep and what time you
wake up. Our bodies thrive on consistency. Sleep your way to fitness- but when you
are not sleeping, be sure you are awake and doing your exercises and eating
properly and being productive.

About The Author

Pascasio JR Felisilda

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Everyone is well aware that diet and
exercise is important for overall
health and fitness. Those who are
Type A personalities are highly strung
and motivated to get results. They
may workout for several hours and
eat right. Then, they would neglect
their sleep or rest by going by with
only 3 to 4 hours of sleep. This is not
good. Those Type A folks need to
incorporate a Type Z characteristic in
your personality. They will need a
Type ZZZZ... (as in sleep). Our bodies
can be deprived of sleep. Kids and
infants usually need at least 8 hours
of sleep everyday. For adults, we will
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