Sleep Loss and Your Health
by Phil Le Breton
one or the other is lacking, then your body is not able to fight off most viruses that it
should be able to. In fact, sleeping less than seven hours for only one night makes
you three times more susceptible to getting sick from virus exposure. Making a good
night's sleep a priority in your life can help you to stay healthy.

Losing sleep disrupts your body's natural rhythm and hormone balance. The
hormone imbalance can lead to mental disturbances over time. The most prevalent
problems are depression and anxiety disorders. Insomnia is a major cause of
depressive moods and disorders, especially in teenagers and young adults. The
hormone imbalance caused by lack of sleep can lead to other problems as well.

A sleep deprived hormone imbalance disrupts eating patterns and can lead to weight
gain. Excess cortisol and other stress hormones are released when you don't get
enough sleep. These can cause body-wide inflammation and disrupt the hormones
that control your appetite. The weight gain and inflammation associated with stress,
over-eating, and sleep deprivation are linked directly to other ailments and diseases,
like diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Studies have shown that people who complain of insomnia are three times more
likely to develop type 2 diabetes, and three and a half times more likely to develop
high blood pressure. Sleep deprivation and sleep apnea is directly linked with high
cholesterol and high triglyceride levels, which can lead to heart disease, heart attacks,
and stroke. People who experience sleep apnea that do not sleep with a breathing
machine are five times more likely to die of a heart attack or stroke in their sleep.

Getting a good night's sleep is a very important factor in your overall health. Speak
with your doctor about insomnia or sleep apnea so that you can get these things
under control. Supplementing with vitamins can help you to overcome some of the
effects of sleep deprivation. Vitamins A, C, and E (remember "ACE") can help you
keep stress levels in check by regulating your body's use of hormones. Ask your
doctor about using other vitamins and supplements to help regulate sleep.

can help you to keep up your immunity during times
when your sleep isn't sufficient. It also helps to regulate your cholesterol levels and is
necessary for your body to produce collagen and elastin, which are necessary for
preventing hardening of the arteries. Using the best vitamin C will help your body to
use insulin more effectively and reduce your risk of developing diabetes. It also helps
to regulate stress hormones and can be useful in keeping your weight under control.

Talk with your doctor about your sleep patterns, risk factors for certain diseases, and
therapeutic dosages of vitamin C supplements and other vitamins that could help you
stay healthy.

About The Author

Phil Le Breton, the owner at Wholesale Nutrition, has a strong interest in helping
people achieve greater brain and body health with vitamins and supplements.
Wholesale Nutrition has the best vitamin C powder on the market (C-Salts). Visit
to buy vitamins or buy supplements of the highest quality.
With today's busy lifestyles, we find
ourselves sacrificing sleep to get
everything done. What you may not
realize is how badly a lack of sleep
can impact your health. Sleep is as
important as getting the right
nutrition and exercising regularly. The
results of not doing so are the same.
It can lead to heart disease, diabetes,
depression, anxiety, and even death.

Sleep and nutrition studies show that
you need more than seven hours of
sleep every night plus a good balance
of vitamins and minerals in your
system to have good immunity. If
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