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    Spirulina Algae – Brief Description

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    Spirulina which is long and spiral in shape and which is a fusion of two species of the bacterial organisms are extracted from the alkaline waters of the pond. Spirulina algae are the highest source of health products and are spreading its nutritional value world wide. The major content is the protein which amounts to more than 50%, followed by an accurate level of those fatty acids, not ignoring the vitamins. However the presence of vitamin b12 is considered as an issue. Then it is followed by the rich mineral contents like iron, copper, calcium and many more.

    The spirulina algae are major boosters of ingredients like chlorophyll, beta carotene, Gama etc. Such supplements have been proved scientifically as effective instigators of resolving health problems. This algae is cultivated in water where the mineral content is high, hence making it difficult for other plants to survive. But spirulina grows in such conditions withstanding the minerals and absorbing it, hence it is rich in mineral content.

    Proved to be effective in both humans and animals including aquatic ones, they are also used as feed for the fish. It gives rise to an improved immunity system, and hence are being opted for any health problems. They are the exact instigators for increase in the count of your red blood corpuscles which is very important to fight immunity.

    The fish strives on spirulina algae and so next time you pick up one of those fish food, do make it a point to read the ingredients and ensure that such algae is a part of the ingredients. The positive effects of including it in your daily diet gives you relief from your muscular pain, low metabolic activity, tiredness of the body, resistance power to withstand any type of disease, improve blood circulation and many more.

    Spirulina also contains extensive levels of trace elements and essential minerals.

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