Strength Training and Weight Loss
by Chyna Dolores
the next Arnold Schwarzenegger. Truth of the matter is, those kind of results only
happen when you specifically train for them.

5 good reasons to add a weight training program to your exercise program:

When you first start a weight program, don't be disheartened if you gain a couple of
kilos. It is often said that Lean Muscle Tissue weighs more than fat. Do not listen to
this hype. 1kg of fat weighs the same as 1kg of muscle – muscle tissue is more toned
and compact than fat so you will start to look much slimmer.

If the scales are not moving, don't despair. Weighing yourself is not your only means
of tracking you progress. Several other ways exist to help keep track of your
progress and find out if your gain is muscle or fat.

If you know absolutely nothing about weights and their proper use it is best to visit
your local gym and see the staff there. They will show you exactly what to do and
even draw up a program for you if you wish. If you are at school, visit your PE
department and ask one of your teachers to help you out. Most high schools have
their own weights area for student use. They can show you what you need to do,
how to do it and help you keep track of your progress.

If seeing someone or exercising with someone is intimidating for you (or you don't
have the money for the gym) you could try an 'at home' video or DVD. You will need
to buy some free weights (dumbbells or barbells) check out the program before you
buy any equipment. A couple of things to remember if you go this option:

Weights not your thing? Going on holiday?

Try using resistance bands. These bands are usually used by people in rehab or older
people who can't lift weights. They give the same kind of workout as actual weights
but they tend to be a little easier on you.

The added bonus with resistance bands is that if you go away for a holiday or for the
weekend to visit family, etc they are easy to pack into your bag so you don't have to
miss out on your workouts. They also weigh less and don't take up much space in the
suitcase. Add in a daily walk or swim and you've got your cardio covered as well, so
there's no need to 'slack off' while abroad.

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So you've started out on your
weight loss journey.
Congratulations on making the
first steps. By now, you will have
looked at your nutritional needs
and added some sort of cardio
such as walking, swimming or a
fitness class to become more
active. It's time now to make
that daunting step into weight
(or resistance) training.

There is a common fear among
some people, especially women,
that if they were to start weight
training they will start to look like
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