Stress and Its Impact on Sleep
by Karol Cardinson
infertility. It occurs because of different reasons such as a fear or unconscious
tension towards sexual activity, confusion or unwillingness to embrace motherhood,
oedipal conflicts or confusion regarding gender identity.

The hypothalamus is responsible for both stress response as well as sex hormones.
Thus, excessive stress can cause a complete disruption of the menstrual cycle in
women and this is observed among women athletes in a condition known as runner's
amenorrhea. In cases that are less severe in nature, it causes irregular menstrual
cycles. The reproductive tract in women contains catecholamine receptors and hence
the catecholamine's produced as a result of stress also contributes to infertility.

Several neuro chemical changes are observed when people are under stress. The
hormones that are to be released for maturation and release of egg and even the
concentration of various chemical messengers that are responsible for reproduction
might vary when we are under emotional stress. The reproductive tract and the brain
are connected as the nerve fibers connect the brain to fallopian tubes and uterus. The
nervous system of the body can affect the ability of the ovary to produce eggs and
hormones. When a woman is under stress, spasms might take place in the fallopian
tube and uterus which can have a severe impact on the transportation and
implantation of a fertilized egg.

Stress can affect our hormones and reproductive organs and impact our fertility. The
result of this would be more stress on the couple to conceive which in turn leads to
further loss of fertility and this cycle can go on. Women who experience an inability to
conceive undergo a lot of stress and feel depressed, angry and have low levels of
self-esteem and may have panic attacks and feel guilty about not being able to live
up to their partner's expectations. Men may also start feeling guilty and may feel
overpowered in a relationship and this can have an effect on their sexual life.

Even sleep cycles are disrupted under stress. People who experience a lot of stress
have problems sleeping and can suffer from conditions such as insomnia which can
impact the behavior of hormones that are responsible for reproduction and fertility
which leads to infertility. Thus, though the relationship between
not exactly well defined, sleep aid kits and stress management programs are being
suggested for couples that experience a lot of stress in their daily life.

About The Author

Karol Cardinson is a Health specialist with over 20 years in Diet and Nutrition
Research as well as a former Infertility sufferer and can help you with getting
pregnant sooner and naturally. Find out how to reverse Female and Male Infertility
naturally while improving the quality of your life! For more information go to
In the modern day lifestyle,
everybody is under a lot of stress to
perform well. While stress can be a
motivating factor at times, it can
have severe affects on a person's
health and can even lead to infertility.
Stress can make the heart beat
faster and cause high blood pressure.
The relationship between stress and
infertility is not a definite one and is
being researched and studied by
professionals all over the world.
Psychogenic infertility which is caused
because of emotional problems
experienced by an individual or the
couple is one of the major factors of
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