Stress Eating - Under Stress, We Say Yes!
by Carol Solomon
I was with a wonderful group of coaches, learning and socializing together all
weekend long. On Saturday, we went to see the cherry blossoms in the city.

Saturday night was purely social – I even got talked into doing karaoke.

Yes, me -- “Stop in The Name of Love” may never sound the same again! :-)

But I don’t think those factors really made the difference, because I keep very busy
here at home, and I can create fun anytime I want to.

The really important factor seemed to be more about what was NOT there during the
weekend – factors such as phones, faxes, email, hungry children, dirty laundry, dishes
piled in the sink, and a dog that pesters me to go walking (not a bad thing!)

Demands, responsibilities, stress – all zapped out with one simple plane flight!

It’s not that I would change my life in any extreme way, but it sure is nice to extract
the stress and see what is there.

It reminded me of a saying I once heard “under stress we say yes!”

It’s the self-talk I didn’t hear . . .

“I’ll just have _______, then I will be able to ________.”

And the constant demands and responsibilities, all by my own choosing, "Mom, can
you _________? "Honey, would you mind ________? "If I can just get these last
few chapters written . . ."

I realize that I can recreate that stress-free feeling by doing kind things and taking
more time for me.

I tend to work too hard, and can feel overwhelmed trying to meet all the demands.

I can be more intentional about decreasing stress, setting more boundaries and
counteracting stress with fun activities and social time.

I don't know anything that will increase stress more than failure to set boundaries.

A break from all those responsibilites and demands sure makes life look a lot clearer.

How about you? Are you taking enough time for you? What can you subtract in your
life to feel less stressed?

Here’s to seeing cherry blossoms more often!

Copyright 2006 Carol Solomon

About The Author

Carol Solomon

By going from food obsessive to charge neutral (i.e. Did I eat today?), Carol
Solomon, Ph.D. became dedicated to making it easy for others to step off the vicious
cycle and live free of anxiety about food and weight. If you want to learn how to
intentionally decrease your appetite, the best place to start is her ebook – all the
strategies you need to lose weight without restriction or dieting. Go to . . .
Last weekend, I went to a
coaching conference in
Washington D.C.

While I was there, I had very little
hunger. As a result, I didn’t eat
very much the entire weekend.

As I thought back on the
weekend, I wondered why I had
eaten so little. I had few urges to
eat and rarely even thought
about food.

I considered the fact that I was
very busy having a lot of FUN.
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