Stress Induced Tension Headaches
by Ian Newton
stress still remains, and the build up of tension will begin the moment the stressful
thought or situation presents itself again. If you can solve the stress that's great, but
quite often we can't influence circumstances. The good news is that the power to
release the stress lies within you.

Firstly, stop and begin to breathe deeply. Slow long breaths right down to your
stomach. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and listen to and feel your
breath. If the stressful thoughts invade then either allow a word like 'calm',' relax',
'peaceful', or 'happy' to float through your mind, or visualize your favorite/happy
memory. Just stay with this for a few minutes. Find a place to do this in your busy
day - in your car, preferably when it is parked! Go to the bathroom, anywhere where
you can grab a few moments to breathe and relax. You can do this in a public place,
just focus into your coffee, or a shop window, de-focus your eyes and breathe and
relax. I cannot overstate how important this simple method is to reduce stress and
therefore tension headaches.

It's well worth your while doing some form of relaxation therapy, e.g. Qigong, Tai
Chi, Yoga or meditation. Stress tension rarely resolves without some form of
intervention; it is mostly likely to keep building into a level of muscular tension which
causes chronic neck and back pain and headaches. Magnesium complex powder at a
dose of 1 teaspoon morning and night, will reduce your muscular tension around
your neck, plus a hot pack to soften the muscles. Take care the hot pack dos not
burn you. A good multi-B vitamin supplement will also reduce your stress symptoms.
So take steps today to release the tension in your life, painkillers won't do it, nobody
else can do it it's up to you. Breathe! Relax! and Breathe again. Relax and enjoy life!

About The Author

Ian Newton

Hi! I am a Naturopath from Australia. I have a specific clinical interest in Arthritis, Pain,
Weight Loss, Detoxification and Stress Management. I will be presenting regular
articles on these topics plus many others. I have found what works and is safe and
what does not and what is a either dangerous or a complete load of rubbish!
For more specific information on headaches go to:
. From sleep
problems, to diet, to snoring to women's and babies health plus many fun and
interesting topics go to:
Hi. How your headaches start will to
a large extent determine how you
treat them, or more importantly how
you prevent them. I guess the easy
solution is to follow the common
advice and reach for a pain killer for
rapid relief. This is of course a valid
short term solution, but it doesn't
address the cause and therefore
doesn't provide any measure of
prevention. In this article we will look
at stress induced headaches &
muscular tension. Stress induced
tension requires a number steps. You
may elect for a neck adjustment or
massage, but the source of the
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