Symptoms of PMS
by John Gibb
can result in headaches including migraines, sore breasts, weight gain, back ache,
bloating and cramping. These are just a few of the over 100 symptoms of PMS that
have been reported.

Low levels of serotonin may cause you to have mood swings, to be irritable, to be
more aggressive, and unexplainably angry. You may also note trouble with
concentrating and attention. Changes in your appetite can occur that could include
food cravings (salty foods, sweets, fatty foods).

Sleep problems, anxiety, and depression have also been notes among PMS
symptoms. All of these symptoms can occur when you are in PMS or not. It is
important that you track your symptoms and t ell your doctor as soon as you can. A
physical examination will rule out any other health conditions that have similar
symptoms. PMS symptoms will appear approximately 1 week before the onset of
menses and at least two days into. They disappear then.

Treatments of PMS Symptoms

Traditional treatments include pain medications and/or anti-inflammatories to handle
the accompanying pain. Anti-depressants are used to help relieve mood swings,
irritability, and anger. They help to balance out the chemicals in the brain. Diuretics,
pills that remove excess body water ease water retention. Many medications come
with some serious side effects.

Many women seek to avoid side effects and seek safer treatments such as herbal
supplements. It is important that you discuss adding herbal supplements or any
supplements for that matter to your health regimen. The reason for this is that some
herbs can affect the performance of prescriptions you may be taking for other health

Since supplements are not regulated and there are some companies those list
ingredients that aren't necessarily in the capsules/tablets that they make. There are
ways to find very high quality supplements. It might be up to you to do the ground
work but check out things online. High quality supplements use only standardized
herbal extracts. The ingredients should be thoroughly tested. The metabolic route of
the ingredients should be tested at the molecular level and the interactions of the
ingredients' should also be evaluated. When made they should be made to meet
pharmaceutical grade standards. This helps to guarantee consistent quality and
dosing in each capsule.

For some women simple life style changes such as reducing salt, salty foods, sweets,
and fatty foods can help to alleviate weight gain, water retention, and bloating.
Getting more exercise and learning meditation and relaxation techniques can help
reduce the stress, the mood swings and other symptoms of PMS. Getting enough
sleep is important as well.


The symptoms of PMS can be uncomfortable and for some severe enough to require
serious treatment including hospitalization. Less serious treatments include pain
relievers, anti-depressants and diuretics (water pills) to reduce and relieve many PMS
symptoms. Adding exercise, adjusting your diet, and the use of herbal supplements
can also help.

are safer with few side effects if any at all. There are ways to
make sure you are getting the highest quality supplements possible. Using herbal
supplements can affect other prescriptive medications you may be taking so consult
your doctor before use. There are treatments and there are choices for relief.

About The Author

John Gibb is a nutrition enthusiast with over ten years of nutrition education and has
now become a freelance writer. Currently, he focuses on information articles focused
on women's health and fitness.
PMS occurs once a month for
women. There are some symptoms
that can come with PMS that can
range from mild to severe. There is a
variety of treatments available and
things you can do to relieve your
symptoms. Symptoms vary from
woman to woman. They can also
change for just one woman in
intensity and type from month to


There are two possible causes of PMS
symptoms. Changing hormone levels
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