Taking Bee Pollen for Allergies
by Micheal Thomas
rashes, and even asthma. Let us learn more how the pollen from the bee effectively
benefits people with these kinds of allergies.

The technique to get rid of allergies is called desensitization, which involves exposing
the patient to pollens at least six weeks before the season for allergies begins and
continuing the supplements throughout the season. This has been successfully
developed at St. Mary's Hospital Medical School in London. In the original method,
the patient will have to undergo allergy shots wherein the nurse gives an injection of
a mixture of pollen and water once a week for several months.

The first injection may consist of 1 part pollen in 100,000 parts of water and
gradually decreasing the water content week by week until the last injection reaches
1 part pollen in 10 parts of water.

The original method of injecting bee pollen for allergy is quite painful but the small
amounts of the allergen effectively stimulates the patient's own immune system to
produce antibodies that will certainly eliminate any allergic reaction. When the real
allergy season begins, the patient will no longer manifest the original allergies he once
had because his antibodies are stronger, thus eliminating hypersensitivity issues.

The newer desensitization technique involves orally taking in natural bee pollen for
allergy treatments. Allergic patients were set free from all allergy symptoms they
experience. Even if they move to new places, they still remain allergy free for the rest
of their lives. All respiratory allergies from asthmas to sinus problems were
completely cleared.

Treating allergies are only a small fraction of the wide array of health benefits the
pollen from the bee can give you. By taking bee supplements everyday, you are
increasing your red blood cells or hemoglobin and your innate antibodies or white
blood cells. This also lessens your bad cholesterol levels in the blood as well as
strengthens your veins.

Your organs and glands benefit a lot from these type of pollens such as an increase
of cleansing properties of your liver and kidney. Any sexual and reproductive
problems found in both women and men are remedied by these pollens as well. The
incurable prostate problems in men are often prevented and the ovarian problems in
women are remedied.

There are so much more health benefits we can get from these pollens but not all
bee products are created the same. Some can be fatal to one's health because of
the possibility of contamination. Contaminated pollens are collected from countries
like USA, China, and Spain where there are a lot of people and a lot of industries
causing pollution in the environment.

Chemicals, toxins, impurities, heavy metals, and other contaminants from the air
often affect the pollen collecting process of the bees living in these countries. The
pollens they produce contain these dangerous elements that can bring you fatal
disease development and can further aggravate your health.

You should only choose pollens from a pristine source like the country of New
Zealand where there is zero industry rate and minimal population. There is no
pollution present here that can affect the bees whatsoever. The bee pollens collected
is said to be the very best in the world.

About The Author

Micheal Thomas is an editor for a series of health related websites. Learn about the
best bee pollen supplement that we ourselves use daily after extensive product
comparisons and research over at
Bee pollens have been known for all
its wonderful contribution to human
health. They were used as early as
the ancient times because of their
healing and preventing effects on
various diseases. The high nutrition
content of this type of pollen also
makes it an ideal food for human

Taking bee pollen for allergy
treatments has been used for over a
hundred years and it has been proven
to be very effective. The kinds of
allergies treated with this type of
pollen include hay fever, hives,
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