Tea - Are Black Tea's Antioxidants as Effective as Green Tea's
by Jon Stout
fully fermented, oolong tea is partially fermented and green tea is left unfermented.

Because fermentation changes the properties of the tea leaves, and thus the anti-
oxidants they contain, green tea is believed to be healthier than other forms. Green
tea's unfermented leaves contain all the plant's anti-oxidants in their natural state. In
black tea, the converted anti-oxidants are referred to as theaflavins; green tea's anti-
oxidants are called catechins.

However, at least one study suggests that black tea's theaflavins are equally as
beneficial as the catechins in green tea. A study conducted by the Chinese University
of Hong Kong concluded that the theaflavins in black tea are just as effective at
scavenging free radicals as the catechins in green tea.

The scavenging of free radicals is critical to maintaining our health. These free radicals
are created as a by product of converting the food we eat to energy. If they are not
kept in check, they wreak havoc on our bodies by damaging our cells and DNA. This
leads to faster aging and a higher risk of many diseases, including cancer, heart
disease and stroke. They even make us look older.

So, to prevent your risk of disease, doctors recommend that you have a diet high in
anti-oxidants. And, not all anti-oxidants are created equal. It's helpful to eat the
foods that contain the most potent anti-oxidants. This includes pomegranates,
tomatoes and blueberries. And, it also includes drinking tea each day.

The attention that green tea has received for its natural anti-oxidants has caused a
significant rise in the consumption and availability of green tea in the Western world.
While green tea has always been the tea of choice in Asian countries, black tea is far
more popular in the west, though that is changing.

However, black tea is still the most widely consumed beverage in the west (after
water) and is expected to remain so. The news that our favored black tea may be
just as effective at preventing disease as green tea is good news, indeed.

If you want to receive the maximum health benefits from your tea, it's important to
make it part of your daily life. Asian cultures, where rates of cancer and heart disease
are lowest, consume tea all day long. So, drinking a cup or two of tea a week may
not be enough to provide you the health benefits you're looking for.

Therefore, it's important to find ways to make tea drinking a regular habit. Even if
you're a morning coffee drinker, you may find that you can substitute a cup of tea
for your second cup of coffee of the day.

And, a cup of tea can be a very relaxing way to wind down just before bed. Because
tea's caffeine doesn't seem to cause jitters and increase heart rate the way coffee
does, most people have no problem drinking it before bed.

In addition, you'll find lots of bottled teas available on the market today. This form
makes it simple to grab a bottle of tea and take it anywhere. Some of the health
benefits you may gain by drinking tea each and every day include:

As research continues, it's likely that we'll find even more ways that tea can protect
our health and slow down the aging process. And, now that it seems that tea can
protect us regardless of whether we prefer green tea or black, it's even easier to be
certain we're getting our daily dose of tea!

About The Author

Jon M. Stout is Chairman of the Golden Moon Tea Company. For more information
, green tea [http://www.goldenmoontea.com/greentea] and black tea
[http://www.goldenmoontea.com/blacktea] go to goldenmoontea.com.
In recent years, scientists have been
discovering the benefits of drinking
tea. Tea's anti-oxidants have become
the source of much discussion for
their ability to prevent disease and
slow the aging process. We've
learned that tea drinking can be a
simple way to help preserve your

Most of the attention has been given
to green tea. All types of tea come
from the camellia sinensis plant, but
the finished products we drink are
different because of the way the tea
leaves are processed. Black tea is
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