The 6 Top Health Benefits of Drinking Dandelion Tea - Herbal
Tea Remedies Explored  
by Connie Bednar
be the third richest source of Vitamin A of all foods! The two foods preceding
dandelions on that list are cod-liver oil and beef liver.

Chinese health practitioners used dandelions to treat disorders of the digestion
system, as well as women that were not able to produce enough breast milk for
their babies.

American Indians have used dandelions to alleviate many different health problems.
The Iroquois tribe cooked fatty meats with dandelions to avoid upsetting their
stomachs. The Indians of the Ojibwas tribe drank the herbal tea from the dandelion
to alleviate heartburn. The women of the Kiowa Indian tribe enjoyed the flower
blossoms and combined them whit penny royal to decrease menstrual cramps.
Dandelion tea was enjoyed daily by the Mohicans to promote high energy levels. It
was also used to avoid constipation and stomach disorders.

There are multiple health benefits of drinking dandelion tea. Dandelions rich with many
minerals, vitamins and nutrients, plentiful in antioxidants and micronutrients make this
one of the most effective herbal tea remedies.

More on the 6 top health benefits of drinking dandelion tea. Herbal tea remedies

The benefits of herbal tea remedies can vary. Not every body responds in the same
way. What works for someone may not work for you. It is always important to
consult your health care provider when including and herb or over the counter
medication into your diet.

There are many more health benefits of dandelion tea than I present to you
here. I will address the top six.

• Natural energy booster. Drinking dandelion tea gives an individual a new level of
energy with out any of the negative side effects one might experience with todays
energy drinks or caffeine.

• The powerful antioxidants in dandelions make it a good anti cancer fighting agent.
In 1979, Japanese researchers developed a patent utilizing dandelions as an anti
tumor agent.

• Effective as a natural diuretic. Has been utilized by women for centuries to alleviate
water retention prior to their periods. It has been found to be effective in lowering
blood pressure in those that suffer from mild hypertension. Rich in linoleic and
linolenic acid, these essential fatty acids are utilized by the body to produce
prostaglandin, which regulates blood pressure. It is important to note here that the
high potassium content in dandelions prevents the common side effects of many
prescribed diuretics, which are potassium depleting.

• Promotes heart health and lowers cholesterol. Prevents platelet aggregation
meaning it has a slight ability to thin the blood to prevent heart attacks and stroke.
The high concentration of B vitamins promotes stress relief. Has been used for
centuries as a blood purifier.

• Dandelions have anti inflammatory properties that enhance the immune system
and strengthen the liver and gallbladder. It has been found to stimulate bile
production and can eliminate any inflammatory conditions of the bile duct.

• Rich in choline and lecithin, it can improve memory. These components together
increase the production of acetylcholine, which is responsible for nerve to nerve
synapse communications to the brain. This affects memory, muscle movement and
learning. Individuals that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease have been
found to have low levels of acetylcholine.

There are many more health benefits associated with drinking dandelion tea. Now
that you are more familiar with the advantages of these healthy herbs, the next time
you spot a dandelion in your lawn, you might find yourself thinking of it as the natural
healing herbs in the yard, instead of as a weed you want to get rid of. Consider the
herbal tea remedies and your body may benefit from drinking a cup of dandelion tea.

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Drinking dandelion tea has been one
of the most popular and well known
herbal tea remedies for centuries.
Who knew that this nutritional
powerhouse, disguised as a weed,
was so beneficial for you?

According to these USDA, dandelions
rank number 4 in overall nutritional
value of all vegetables (USDA Bulletin
#8, Composition of Foods, 1984).
They have been found to be the
richest green vegetable source of
beta-carotene. This is the chemical
from which Vitamin A is made.
Dandelions have also been found to
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