The Benefits of Eating Sprouted Grains
by Becki Andrus  
act of sprouting will activate the food enzymes found in grains.

A sprouted grain contains double the amount of foliate and vitamin B6 than an
unsprouted grain and has four times the amount of niacin with a lower glycemic index.

These grains can be eaten as is, cooked or ground into flour to be used in baking.

The germination of grains changes their nutritional content and in their raw form they
will keep their plant enzymes and nutrients. The enzymes and nutrients found in raw
sprouted grains aids in the digestion of nuts and seeds and also keeps the colon clean
by encouraging the growth of bacteria. They are also high in antioxidants and a great
source of protein and fiber while being high in minerals and vitamins.

Although hard to believe, cooked wheat can cause constipation and mucus
congestion but sprouted wheat can be eaten by people with wheat allergies because
the starch is converted into simple sugars during the process of sprouting.

The phosphorous found in most seeds is important for healthy bones and teeth as
well as for mental abilities and alertness. Different sprouted grains have different
nutritional benefits and it is therefore important to add a variety of grains to your
diet. Because these grains are already in a predigested form, they are a lot easier for
your body to digest than whole grains.

To ensure you get all the nutrients and minerals from sprouted grains it is important
that you eat the entire sprout with leaves and roots. Probably the best way of eating
sprouted grains in its raw form is to include them in salads, soups and sandwiches.

Bread made out of this grain flour are considered to be low GI which means that
your body will digest them slower making you feel full for longer. These breads are
also much higher in enzymes, vitamins and protein and the starches found in this
grains bread are all converted into natural sugars by your digestive system.

The benefits of eating sprouted grains far outweighs the extra time it will take to
sprout or buy them. It is recommended that you sprout your own grains in the
comfort of your home to make them readily available to you and your family. This
type of grain is a relatively easy thing to do and you can store your harvested grains
in the fridge for several days keeping them fresh by rinsing them with fresh water at
least once a day.

Having such an excellent source of nutrients within your reach the only question left
to ask is: Why have you not started making your own sprouted grains ages ago?

About The Author

Becki Andrus

There are several easy ways to start a
and improve your overall
health. Access more detailed information and learn simple daily steps that you can
follow by visiting my website at
Sprouted grains are rich in natural
vitamins and enzymes, and more and
more people are starting to eat
sprouted grains in an effort to
incorporate beneficial food into their
daily meals. Sprouted grains are
different from whole grain in that:

1. Sprouting your grains will
neutralize phytic acid and other
anti-nutrients which prevent you from
fully absorbing the minerals in the
food you eat.

2. The vitamin content is increased
when you sprout your grain and the
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