The Budwig Diet - Preventing and Curing Cancer Naturally
by Robert Griggs
Dr Budwig

The creator of the Budwig Diet, Dr Johanna Budwig, was a German biochemist, who
was also regarded during her lifetime as one of the best cancer researchers in
Europe. Born in 1908, she died in 2003 after a lifetime of research into cancer that
led to the monumental discoveries that she made and the formation of her diet. Her
research and lifetime's work led her to being nominated for the Nobel Prize on seven
occasions, and she was an authority on the subject. One of her main finds was that
the amount of over-processed food and hydrogenated oils in our diets are
responsible for a great number of cancer cases, and her diet aims to rectify this.

Dr Budwig's Discoveries

Dr Budwig was concerned about the amount of highly processed food that we were
consuming on an ever greater scale because of the trans fats that could be found
within them. Trans fats, which are man made, are incredibly bad for us, and they are
found in increasing numbers of foods. The reason they are so damaging is because
they affect the electrical charge that exists in all cells, without which the cells become
susceptible to forming into cancerous growths. Dr Budwig discovered that if these
were taken out of the diet completely, this could have a great effect in fighting
cancer. Among the other crucial discoveries she made during her years of research
were that people suffering from cancer had much lower amounts of Omega 3 in the
blood than healthy people; cancer patients suffered from lower levels of lipoproteins
and phosphatides in their blood; and a greenish-yellow coloured substance was often
present in the blood of cancer sufferers that was not present in healthy people. Her
basic principle, which is so simple that it is hard to believe that it has had so much
success, was that by altering the diet, the cells could undergo changes for the better,
the healthy red blood cells would increase in number and the cancer would come to a
halt and begin to disappear. She was also convinced that it did not matter which part
of the body was affected by cancer, because with this diet the positive effects in the
cells would be felt all over the body, meaning it could provide a cure for all types of
cancer. As a result, she developed a unique diet, which she claimed was all that was
needed to recover from cancer.

The Budwig Diet

The Budwig Diet has at its foundation two key ingredients: flaxseed oil and quark (a
substance from Dr Budwig's native Germany that is similar to cottage cheese). The
reason why she based her diet fundamentally on these two ingredients was because
flaxseed oil is one of the best sources of Omega 3 fatty acids that you can find and
can be assimilated into the body very easily by most people. Quark was chosen
fundamentally for its high protein content, and together the two ingredients provide a
powerful antidote for cancer patients. But the diet is not only based on these two
ingredients, and there are a number of other things that are recommended as part of
the diet. These include apple cider vinegar, brown rice, organic red wine, oatmeal
porridge, raw vegetable salad, lentils, vegetable juice and a whole host of other
ingredients that make sticking to the diet a lot easier and help in the healing process.
Within three months of starting trials of her diet, Dr Budwig became aware of
improvements in her patients. She noticed how the blood cells were returning to
normal levels as she had predicted, the patients were becoming slowly stronger and
their tumours were even beginning to get smaller.

Key Things To Avoid

The most fundamental thing to avoid in the Budwig Diet is any form of sugar. Cancer
cells feed off glucose, so every time a patient takes sugar they are inadvertently
providing their cancer cells with energy. By restricting the glucose that gets into the
body, and completely stopping any sugar intake, the cancer cells become starved
and weakened. On top of sugar and products that contain sugar, hydrogenated oils,
meats and numerous other foods are banned from the diet. The aim is to only
consume natural ingredients, and it is also recommended that you do not take any
drugs or extra supplements whilst on the diet as they could interfere with the healing

About The Author

Robert Griggs

For further information, please visit the Budwig Center
or visit their main page at
The Budwig Diet is an all-natural diet
that provides an alternative and
healthy method of preventing and
recovering from cancer. It was
created by Dr Johanna Budwig, and
despite its high success rate is still
only recently finding ground in the
medical establishment as an effective
form of cancer treatment. With the
often harsh side effects that can be
associated with other more
conventional forms of cancer
treatment, the Budwig Diet works on
a simple principle to deliver powerful
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