The Different Types of Pilates
by Elaine Fullerton
physical fitness system, which focuses on the core postural muscles or if you are a
Pilates pro who is looking to change up your standard routine, then you have come
to the right place. This article examines three different types of Pilates, Stott Pilates,
Power Pilates, and Yoga Pilates.

Stott Pilates is a great choice because it serves as a great compliment to
cardiovascular exercise, and it is considered one of the few fitness systems that has
the ability to last you a lifetime. Stott Pilates utilizes special equipment and is
performed on a mat. Its primary concentrations are on breathing, core conditioning,
and body awareness. A key component of the Pilates fitness system in general is
stretching and Stott Pilates offers a safe and very effectual way of doing this. Plus,
Stott Pilates strengthens and tones your body without creating a bulky appearance
or adding too much pressure to your joints.

Another type of Pilates that you can choose is Power Pilates. This variation is similar
to yoga, except in that whereas yoga places primary importance on meditation and
the mind, Power Pilates views building muscle to be equally as important as learning
to control the mind's powers. Plus, in Power Pilates, you don't have to be as supple
as you do in yoga to reap all of the benefits. Power Pilates also typically requires the
use of different pieces of equipment to properly perform the moves and it is
recommended that you take between 12 and 36 hours worth of classes each week
to maximize your results.

A third type is Yoga Pilates. As you probably could have guessed, the foundation for
this type of Pilates lies in the practice of yoga. As with the aforementioned types of
Pilates, Yoga Pilates focuses on flexibility and core strength but this variation is
performed at a more tranquil pace and calls for careful attention to breathing, which
should be done slowly and deeply.

No matter which kind of Pilates you choose, there are enormous benefits to be
gained through any form of this type of exercise. Whether you are just starting out
or a bona fide pro, it shouldn't be hard to find a Pilates class that best suits your level
and needs at a local gym or health center.

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Elaine Fullerton

Enjoy pilates with comfort and safety with
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Pilates is a type of exercise system
that was developed in Germany by a
man named Joseph Pilates in the
early 20th century. Pilates referred to
his new exercise creation as
contrology because it was his belief
that this form of exercise used the
power of the mind to control the
muscles. Today, there are more than
11 million people who practice what
is now called Pilates, including
celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker
and Oprah Winfrey. There are several
different types of the these
workouts. So if you are a beginner
looking to take a crack at this
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