The Effects of Exercise on the Eyes
by Jaks Lloyd
exercises and your sight can be restored to normal.

It does not seem to matter whether you are short sighted (myopic), long sighted
(hyperopia), or rely on bifocals, you can be old or just a child, this or that self directed
eye exercise course will do the trick and if not entirely satisfied there is always a
money back guarantee.

There does not seem to be any clinical evidence based on an acceptable or recognized
sample size to back up the claims of the eye exercise lobby.

There is however, anecdotal evidence which is hard to verify, that a self-directed eye
exercise regime has made considerable improvement or even restored perfect vision.

It should also be noted that in the State of Iowa USA, a consumer lawsuit has been
filed by the state Attorney General alleging that an a company marketing a self
directed eye exercise program used a combination of misleading marketing tactics,
exaggerated claims of effectiveness, false implications of scientific validity and
misleading consumer testimonials.

Nevertheless the practice of eye exercising to improve vision is centuries old and who
are we to pass judgement on this or any other ancient therapy?

Just think of the number of times you have read or heard about a drug breakthrough
brought about by a link with a traditional herbal remedy.

It was not that long ago when professional medical practitioners scoffed at the
thought that a natural herbal remedy could be a cure and at best was only a placebo.

Readers may draw their own conclusions as to the merits or otherwise of the various
eye exercises and their claimed benefits that will be emailed regularly to those of you
who sign up to join my elite group of members, and at least will have some ´cost
free' knowledge of the subject.

Who knows?

If you follow an eye exercise regime diligently you could be throwing out the glasses
and contacts or maybe lowering your dependency on them. Nothing ventured,
nothing gained! Self directed eye exercise programs should not be confused with the
practice of Vision Therapy.

To put it simply, vision therapy, sometimes called visual training, behavioural
optometry or development optometry, is a combination of eye exercises and visual
aids, such as tinted or corrective lenses, carried out under the supervision of a
qualified eye doctor or optometrist.

The therapy is widely used on children who have a vision problem or even to treat
learning difficulties.

Eye care practitioners are not united on the benefits of Vision Therapy but if you have
a child whom you suspect may have a problem then you should investigate this
treatment and do be sure to get more than one qualified opinion.

About The Author

Jaks Lloyd is a former photographic fashion model. She now lives in Spain and
indulges her creative talents by writing and building innovative authority websites.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if
spending fifteen minutes a day
on an easy eye exercise routine
could let you throw away those
spectacles, flush those contacts
down the drain and never again
be dependant on any visual aids
in order to see clearly without
suffering any impairment.

If you scan the internet you are
very likely to come across sites
that claim just that – buy the
program, the course, the CD-
ROMs, the videos, the books and
even audio tapes, then follow the
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remedies and before making any drastic changes to your diet or exercise
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