The Fair Trade Movement Bringing Equity Around the World
by Connor R Sullivan
for far too long. Thanks to the Fair Trade movement people around the globe are
having their lives transformed and their quality of life improved in ways they never
dreamed possible. Now having reached the still young age of twenty, a woman such
as Natalie is being given a job like making or selling Fair Trade jewelry. A man needing
to support his family is doing so as a successful farmer.

The success of this movement lies in the empowerment of the people who so
desperately wish to provide for themselves and for their family. So often, people in
developing countries simply lack the opportunities to make a significant wage. The
effort put forth by these people was never in question. It was not a matter of
unwillingness to work or a lack of initiative; it was a lack of proper opportunity and
compensation. Thanks to this movement the exploitation of the poor will hopefully
become obsolete. By paying workers enough to meet their daily needs, this
movement brings dignity and equality to those whose country may be struggling on
an economic basis.

Maybe you are wondering what role you play in this movement. Perhaps you live in a
highly developed nation and have never had to worry about exploitation, sweat
shops, or missing your next meal. Probably the best way you can encourage this
movement is to purchase those items being produced. Yes, it is true that these
products may be slightly more expensive, however, paying a dollar or two more may
be the difference between a worker bringing in a respectable wage and a worker
forced to be overworked and underpaid. Another way you can encourage the
movement is by donating to organizations which support and practice it. Even just
educating your friends and family about the movement is a step in the right direction.

Treating workers with respect and dignity is something which should happen
regardless of the occupation or global location. Creating a healthy workplace and
putting the needs of workers at the forefront is something all workers should be
entitled to. Young women like Natalie are creating extraordinary products and finally
being properly compensated for them. They are being given much more than a job,
they are being given a future. Be a part of this movement in whatever way you can
and know that as you get involved you are changing lives one hopeful worker at a

About The Author

Connor Sullivan recently purchased a couple of bags and jewelry for his wife
and daughter. He ordered several pieces of
to give as Christmas
gifts for family members.
Natalie was just a young girl when
she began helping support her family.
Growing up in poverty left little
chance for her and her siblings to
attend school regularly. She did not
grow up carefree but with worries
and concerns about how she and her
family would have enough for the
next meal. As a very small girl she
worked long hours for mere pennies
a day. Despite her and her families
best efforts there were days, even
weeks where there was not enough
food to feed everyone. Yet now there
is hope for Natalie and for the many
young girls who have lived in poverty
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