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    The Health Benefits of Eating Yogurt for Constipated Individuals

    The battle for constipation is undoubtedly furious since it is said to be one of the major causes of having colon cancer. Nowadays, many individuals are shifting from the meaty lifestyle to a healthier dish which entails eating organic food and high fiber diet and this includes yogurt. They say that one of the major causes of constipation is unbalanced and unhealthy diet which includes over consumption of meat, fatty foods, soda, chocolates and other foods that can give you a problem in terms of the entire digesting process.

    Undoubtedly, all of us have already heard yogurt but it is only this early 2004 that businessmen made it so popular and made the frozen yogurt or better known as froyo to many. Although the only difference of Froyo from the regular yogurt is that it is frozen and looked like an ice cream however the benefits are still the same. Frozen yogurt has been a mysterious food to different scores of individual because it does not taste that good at all but not known to all, it has been giving great effects to people with constipation.

    Basically, the main ingredient of yogurt is milk specifically fermenting milk with bacteria or also known as lactobacillus. However, there is good news. Although its base ingredient is milk, it can usually be enjoyed by people who are lactose intolerant. Moreover, these kinds of bacteria are considered to be the good one because it aids digestion problem and one of which is constipation. Yogurts may also have the content of stabilizers. They are being used to perk up the body and texture by escalating steadfastness. The often used stabilizers in yogurt are carageenan, gums, gelatin, starch and pectins. Additionally, there are yogurts that offer full fat, low-fat or nonfat yogurt at all to aid the needs of diet conscious consumers. In some yogurt products, other dairy ingredients are added to adjust its major composition such as cream to regulate its fat contents as well as nonfat dry milk to fiddle with its solid content. However, today, manufacturers add sweeteners, flavors and other fruit selections to the original taste of yogurt in order to provide assortment of taste to their different consumers worldwide. Some of the fruit selections that are popular would be strawberry, raspberry, mango, cherry, apricot and many others.

    There are actually so much goodness found in eating yogurt. The fact that many people enjoy eating yogurt is a good indication that it gives so many benefits. A lot of them are also claiming that it really improves other gastrointestinal conditions that may include gas, bloating, diarrhea and the infection that causes gastric ulcers.

    In some advertisements, they say that “Yogo every day keeps you healthy every day” which is actually true. The good bacteria known as the lactobacillus keeps the body in good shape. In addition, it does not only keep your body healthy but it can also benefit it for having a good shape. Today, choosing the right foods to eat are quite difficult because we are being presented by so many delectable dishes but as they say, it is just a matter of balance. So, if you are suffering from constipation, try eating yogurt every day, it does not only give you a good disposition in terms of your digestive problem but it can also make you healthy and increase your immunity. The health benefits of yogurt are proven and you should to try it if you still haven’t.

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